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Registration Issues for new members

Postby Bob_san » Wed Jun 13, 2007 4:14 pm

Due to mass spam registrations even at this little site, I have taken the following measures to combat this scourge and hopefully screen out real people from the bots.

1) Registrations must be reviewed and activated by the Administrator. Once approved, you will receive an activation approval email. It's possible that this email may be flagged as spam by your email provider so check the spam or Bulk email folder.

2) When you register you may not enter a web site url. Once approved you may edit your profile and enter a website url. If there are problems with that please let me know.

3) Try and enter real data about yourself that would reveal your identity as a human with an interest in the film and the site unlike a spam bot. Otherwise it can become more difficult for me to differentiate and sometimes real registrations may get deleted by accident. In the event that happens, just register again and send me an email with the ID you used and I will activate it.

4) Any registration issues send me an email.

I am working on other measures to weed out spam bots TBD.


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