Travel to Japan?...How?

Foreign or domestic, wherever you go, there you are! Tell us about your travels at home or away. Got any good travel/culture/customs tips?! Places to go or avoid or hidden gems?!
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Travel to Japan?...How?

#1 Post by Ben-B » Sun Mar 09, 2008 4:23 pm

I want to visit Japan. have friends who have been there more than once. I'm the only one who has'nt been. But I have a plan. I want to take a TEFL course and use it to increase my chances of being able to afford it by this year end. Perhaps I could get a chance to work there as a teacher or something.

If there are any other ideas you guys have, short of robbing a bank, let me know. I am however open to the idea of selling my soul...If I could only figure out the angles. :?

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