Happy 20th Anniversary LIT!!

Discuss the fabulous movie Lost In Translation!

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Happy 20th Anniversary LIT!!

#1 Post by Bob_san » Fri Sep 01, 2023 12:47 am

Hey everyone! Here we are once again!
There’s been some other fun things going on I will get to further down.
But first, when was LIT actually released?!
Was it in September or October?
Last time (at 15), I said it was Sept. 9, 2003 in the US but that is only partially correct.
LIT was first shown at Telluride on August 29. The NYC and LA premiere and limited release was on Sept. 9 and Sept. 12.
However the US general release was not until October 3, 2003. Most of us in the US who saw it first run saw it on or after that date. Outside the US the dates varied but were mostly after.
Here is the full schedule:

Suntory 100th Anniversary! Including a link to a video with Keanu Reeves!
You can also find old celebrity Suntory ads on youtube.

The new BFI Film Classics book on LIT!
I read it and it’s a great book with a lot of analysis and insights (and footnotes with links!) into the film plenty which have not been discussed in the forum!

What is the Park Hyatt room number?
http://weareawake.org/litforum/viewtopi ... =13&t=1104
Someone is going to go and wants to know! In depth rabbit hole on that so be careful!
I’m now hoping to be able to go to Tokyo in the fall of 2025.

Shawn Mendes music video tribute to LIT!!! Lost In Japan

LIT to be released on 4K!

Our very own member, Pitman, was inspired enough by the movie to release a 3 track EP called “In Translation” and you can check it out here and on the link there to Bandcamp!
I listened to it and liked it enough to buy it along with some of his other songs. I especially like “Everything Is Zen” and “Against The Tide” .
Check it out!

If this is your first visit back in maybe 5 or so years, check out what else has happened since then!

And remember, for relaxing times, make it Suntory time! :D

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Re: Happy 20th Anniversary LIT!!

#2 Post by redleader74 » Tue Sep 05, 2023 1:31 pm

Great! Thanks for remembering and posting!

Regarding the Suntory/Keanu reference , I should mention that Keanu Reeves has always had a tie-in with LiT because he co-starred with Kelly in Midnight Velocity in the LiT story. He never makes a physical appearance but is mentioned in the script and is playing his real-life actor self. This was in the scene when Charlotte walks past a press interview held in a conference room in the Park Hyatt:

Interviewer: What was it like working with Keanu Reeves?
Kelly: He was always, you know, so supportive, giving me ideas...and we both have two dogs, and we both live in L.A. so we have all these
different things in common and we both really like Mexican food...and yoga and...karate!

Now, does the real life Keanu Reeves really have two dogs, live in LA, enjoys Mexican food, and does yoga and karate? Hmmmm.
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Re: Happy 20th Anniversary LIT!!

#3 Post by preciouswhile » Fri Oct 27, 2023 4:27 pm

A bit late here, but happy 20 years. Amazing that it's been this long and that we still have this place to come back to (Thanks, Bob!).

I'll admit that after watching it probably over 100 times in the first decade, I have only rarely watched it in the second. Part of that was burnout, understandably. But I also realized after my most recent viewing maybe in 2022 that I just don't identify with the characters as much as I used to. 20 years ago I was like Charlotte - a bit "lost", trying to find my place, and just starting to travel and having similar sorts of experiences in foreign locations or circumstances. But now being older, more in line with "knowing who I am and what I want", I don't feel the same connection with Charlotte and/or Bob, or their situations, that I did early on. The "pull" the movie had, the comfort it gave, where I wanted to watch it over and over just isn't there any more. A natural progression I suppose.

It's still a fantastic movie and deserves its praise and legacy, and I can still watch it and appreciate it from time to time. But the great thing is that it's still available to posterity, and I hope it continues to resonate with new generations.

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Re: Happy 20th Anniversary LIT!!

#4 Post by rafael_ly » Sun Oct 29, 2023 10:31 pm

This is the 30/10/2023.

20 years after I've watched this movie in the cinema 3 times.

I am still awake.

I probably ever will be.

Today I am watching it again. I try not to. It is reserved for special times.

It is special. I am always reminded that special exists, not in real life, but real life is meaningless anyways.

I am still awake.

Thanks for the post. I appreciate it.

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Re: Happy 20th Anniversary LIT!!

#5 Post by redleader74 » Tue Oct 31, 2023 1:51 pm

rafael_ly wrote:
Sun Oct 29, 2023 10:31 pm

I am still awake.

I probably ever will be.

....me too....the later it gets the more awake I am, lost and indulging in this after dark world, dreaming up next adventures.
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