The music of Catherine Lambert

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The music of Catherine Lambert

#1 Post by miragemonk » Mon May 30, 2016 9:47 pm

Hi fans!

This is my first post but I have been lurking a's nice to finally contribute something. :)

A little over two years ago I had just rewatched LIT and I started thinking about the lounge singer, trying to decide if she was a singer that could act or an actor who could sing, because I thought she was good at both. I googled around and eventually found out she was from Australia, and set out trying to buy her music online. Except there wasn't any.

I could find one of her albums on the Australian iTunes store ("Back in the Swing", her first post-LIT album and the one I was after the most) but that was it...there was no way for me to obtain it here in the states. So I went with the alternative and tried to see if I could torrent it...something I have done before with foreign music as a last resort if I can't purchase something...anime fans will understand this. But even then I struck out. I tried to find a physical copy anywhere with the same results.

As luck would have it, I found her on social media and sent her a note telling her I was a fan who found her through LIT and that I would like to buy her music. I waited for a response and a few days later, I got one.

Catherine is such a sweetheart, I have to say that straight out. She was genuinely touched by my interest in her music and we have since become friends. My partner and I went to Disneyland last year and I posted some photos online, and then I got a text from her saying "What in gods name are you thinking, that place is a zoo! You should avoid any place that ends in "land" or "world"!" She recently stopped smoking, something I did myself a year ago, and we messaged each other supportive notes. I truly think of her as a friend, even tho we have never met...and my partner and I hope that somehow, she can sing a song at our wedding over Skype. A nerd can dream, right?

But I digress. Catherine understood how hard it was for someone in the US to get her music...and also frustrated like me. She offered straight up to send me a copy of the album if I emailed her my address. I was floored and told her I would love to pay for it somehow, or donate to a charity she supported, but by the time she got back to me she said "oops, I already sent it!" She sent me the album expecting no payment...I literally had to force the issue of paying her because I insisted she be compensated. She is that sweet and thoughtful. But with the help of her son (and myself) we got her setup on PayPal and I wired her some funds.

A couple of weeks later, the package arrived! She included not just one but five albums and a lovely letter. I'm including photos of everything here because I know you folks will appreciate it. I've blurred or covered up anything confidential.

I told her recently of this community, and she told me I can share Back in the Swing digitally with you folks if you would like. I don't know how best to do that, so I thought I would see if there is any interest first, and then figure out the logistics.

Thanks for reading, sorry this is so long. But I'm glad I found this community and hope it continues for years and years to come. :)

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Re: The music of Catherine Lambert

#2 Post by Bob_san » Mon May 30, 2016 11:01 pm

Hi miragemonk welcome to the forum and yes this is an AWESOME first post!!! :D
That is such a great story and I know others will enjoy it as well!

Some time ago I did a search for her on youtube and found a bunch of videos that media outlets put out, and she has her own channel where she uploads things.
Check it out: ... ne+Lambert+

There is another topic where someone, Foxchosen, developed a way of sharing an extended LIT digital mix using dropbox.
Check out that topic: ... f=2&t=1040
If you set up a private folder by invitation only, people can PM you their dropbox ID and you can add them.
I for one would love to hear that one thanks!


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