Group Film View/Chat - Weds Nov. 17 9pm EST.

Discuss the fabulous movie Lost In Translation!

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#21 Post by CHris! » Mon Nov 15, 2004 11:03 am

heh its ok, 1am isnt TOO bad, for a friday night. Its a good job im a hardcore fan :P
theres nothing more than this

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#22 Post by jml2 » Mon Nov 15, 2004 7:07 pm

I think it will be 1pm for me in Australia, I'll try to join in from work but won't be watching the movie :)

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#23 Post by Suntory » Tue Nov 16, 2004 1:54 am

Oh man this is quite the dillema when figuring this in world times!

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#24 Post by jeffyen » Tue Nov 16, 2004 6:20 am

Just click on the following link to see what time it is in your area. It'll be 5am for the person in the UK LOL ... c=0&p1=179

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#25 Post by Mr_Tym » Wed Nov 17, 2004 4:19 pm

I live on the westcoast also. I can't make it as much as I want to. It'll be 6pm for me but I go to youth groups at 6. But if the chat last longer I can make it. i'll be back around 9pm. We should just create a #LIT channel on irc. That'll be soo easy.

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#26 Post by jm » Wed Nov 17, 2004 8:06 pm

"[quote:ef993441b0="jeffyen"]Just click on the following link to see what time it is in your area. It'll be 5am for the person in the UK LOL ... c=0&p1=179[/quote:ef993441b0]

What is the joke here? The topic says 9pm E today, and your link says Sunday at midnight???"
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#27 Post by jeffyen » Wed Nov 17, 2004 9:10 pm

hmm... didn't the admin change it? oh never mind... the link can be used to input any time... :)

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#28 Post by KKDallas » Wed Nov 17, 2004 11:46 pm

That was fun, everyone!!! I enjoyed the banter and sidebar comments. Let's do it again. Thanks, Bob, for creating the chatroom for us!!


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#29 Post by hull_street » Thu Nov 18, 2004 12:00 am

I agree, what a great experience ! Thanks for the chat room, Bob !

And a big thanks to everyone who participated, it really made my evening !


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#30 Post by Suntory » Thu Nov 18, 2004 12:04 am

Yes thanks it was great to share the experience with like minded people!
I think it would be cool if we all did an LIT tour to Japan.
Well someday when we're more in the $$$. :shock:

I copied the text of the chat and if no one objects I am posting it here for posterity.


greg45 has joined chat on Thu Nov 18, 2004 1:07 am
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KKDallas: Enter Message
System Msg: greg45 has joined chat on Thu Nov 18, 2004 1:51 am
greg45: hi
KKDallas: hi Greg
greg45: has there been anyone else?
KKDallas: not yet
KKDallas: maybe they are fashionably late. lol
KKDallas: Where are you located?
System Msg: jml98 has joined chat on Wed Nov 17, 2004 5:54 pm
jml98: this is?
KKDallas: hi there
jml98: it?
jml98: hey
KKDallas: so far. but we are early
jml98: what time does it start
KKDallas: where are you located?
greg45: oh, sorry
greg45: im from Maryland
jml98: california
KKDallas: i thought 8:00 eastern
jml98: wait, wouldn't be late then
greg45: 9:00
jml98: wouldn't we*
System Msg: jml2 has joined chat on Thu Nov 18, 2004 1:56 am
jml98: ....not that early i hope theres more
jml2: hi
jml98: hey
jml98: what a trooper! joining from australia huh
System Msg: Suntory has joined chat on Wed Nov 17, 2004 8:57 pm
jml2: test
KKDallas: I meant 8:00 central. i am in texas so i was focusing on central time
System Msg: Suntory has joined chat on Wed Nov 17, 2004 8:57 pm
jml2: hey jml98
System Msg: hull_street has joined chat on Wed Nov 17, 2004 9:58 pm
Suntory: Hello!
KKDallas: hello suntory
jml98: ahhhh....
KKDallas: hi Matt!
hull_street: Hi guys
hull_street: Glad to see you, Kathy !
jml98: is it just me or does ur chat have a slight delay on it...
KKDallas: Nice to "see" you again, too!
KKDallas: yes, it seems to have a 5 second delay
jml2: mine had a delay but now its refresshing by itself
hull_street: 15 seconds, not so bad
KKDallas: I hope Bob, the administrator joins
hull_street: what time is it ?
Suntory: You can hit Refresh Chat above too
jml98: whers bob
jml98: i know it does it used to AIM chats and stuff, theres no delay
KKDallas: We have 2 JML here
Suntory: Where's Bob when you need him?!
jml2: 1pm here for me
jml98: yeah i know...sorry its confusing
jml2: the j is for janine
Suntory: Good AFternoon then!
hull_street: you in Hawaii ?
jml98: the j is for john
jml2: I'm in Australia, hi Suntory
jml98: i hope we start some homework....
Suntory: Should we sync by using the forum time? I have 9:02pm est
hull_street: ok, everybody queued up past the previews ?
Suntory: Shall we wait a few more minutes for others?
jml2: wait 5 mins
hull_street: maybe a couple
jml98: no one sec plz
Suntory: I have a tape and Im cued to where the Focus Features Logo appears. Is that a good palce to start?
hull_street: I think we've already set the record for simultaneous usage here on the site
jml2: I think johnmonkey was going to join
hull_street: that's the place
jml98: k ready
jml98: yeah 5 mins is good
Suntory: Ok we'll wait a few
jml98: ah..delay is annoying
KKDallas: i'm ready when you are
hull_street: me too, delay _really_ annoying
jml98: k where is everybody...i'm looking at some pink underwear
hull_street: all set here
jml2: the music over the opening titles is so quiet
jml2: I could hardly hear it even in the cinema, I know its meant to be that way
jml98: wait wait did we start?
Suntory: Well lets sync to start at 9:08 est on the forum time?
jml2: no, I'm just remembering, I can't watch it I'm at work
jml98: ahh...
hull_street: funny jml LOL !
jml98: yeah 9:08
Suntory: ok 1 min
jml98: hehe yeah, what kinda of work do u do that u can watch movies while on the job??
Suntory: AT hthe pink underwaer?
jml2: I can't john! I'm an IT person
KKDallas: are we all starting at 9:08 then?
jml98: alright lets start
Suntory: KKDallas: yes
hull_street: started
Suntory: OK GO!
greg45: ok
jml98: city looks so vibrant...wish i was there with bob
jml2: so now everyone is quiet
hull_street: welcome to new tokyo int'l airport
KKDallas: I think Girls is my favorite LiT song
hull_street: is Bob really travelling AWAY from the Hyatt ?
KKDallas: it is almost mezmerizing
KKDallas: yes, i plotted it out.
Suntory: Yes
jml98: i think phoenix is....then MBV...then just like honey...then girls...
Suntory: Well even if he is going away it still looks great!
KKDallas: Is Miss Shibata his translator on the Matthew Snellick show
jml2: thats interesting, at the ending it is sunset, so I dont think this scene was originally meant to be the ending
jml98: haha that look on bob's face in the elevator...cracks me up everytime
hull_street: nope
Suntory: KKDallas: Good questions
jml98: no well, its could be an early flight tho...
hull_street: love the flowers on the TV, YAAWWWWN
KKDallas: I need a whiskey...where is the bartender?
Suntory: One Suntory coming up!
hull_street: Bar scene, light em if you got em
Suntory: It works!
KKDallas: for relaxing times.....
Suntory: heh
hull_street: make it Suntory time !
jml2: one of my favourite scenes is charlotte awake while john sleeps
jml98: ahh the 4:20 reference
KKDallas: the young american guy needs to put his tie down
KKDallas: that has always bugged me
jml98: haha u sure like that whiskey huh suntory
hull_street: omg what just happened ? did we blow up the chat room ?
jml98: may i ask how old you are suntory
KKDallas: What is the 4:20 issue? I've heard of this before.
KKDallas: drug reference?
jml98: i think its in the forum...420 is a drug reference
KKDallas: nothing happened in my chat room
jml98: another one is the drug party where they smoke weed
hull_street: pot-specific reference
jml98: yeah
hull_street: my chat screen cleared, then rebuilt itself, weird
jml2: why did sofia want to do that, whats the point
hull_street: damn those short shower heads !
Suntory: jml98: Actually I would like to try it. It looks cool though.
KKDallas: but what is it about 4:20? I can understand 714 and qualudes...but 420?
jml98: i love how sofia put in so many great shots of tokyo
jml98: panoramic views and such
jml98: charlotte looks so lonely staring out that window
hull_street: lots of theories, no real answers
Suntory: 420 = pot
hull_street: supposedly the time when a bunch of pot-heads got together to "do the deed" so to speak
jml2: I think sofias brother roman did most of those tokyo shots as 2nd unit director
KKDallas: For relaxing times, make it 4:20....
jml98: hmm.. didn't know that, nice factoid...hehe
jml98: hahaha yeah...!
jml2: maybe drugs - insomnia feels like being drugged
hull_street: they have one of those in the morning, too ?
jml98: hehe love this translation scene
Suntory: There is an interesting article in Rolling Stone about 420 Ill post a link
jml98: has anyone read a translation of the scene?? its great
hull_street: I love the way he looks at his watch, it's the only part that's easily understandable
KKDallas: yes, i read the translation. It is so funny!
hull_street: it is very funny, the director makes perfect sense
Suntory: Yes
hull_street: in japanese, at least
System Msg: jml2 logged out on Thu Nov 18, 2004 2:18 am
System Msg: jml2 has joined chat on Thu Nov 18, 2004 2:19 am
hull_street: MORE INTENSITY !!!
KKDallas: lol
jml2: how do we clear the room of messages
KKDallas: suntory time
jml98: CUTO CUTO CUTO!!!
Suntory: CUTO!
hull_street: CUT-O CUT-O CUT-O
hull_street: lol
KKDallas: porn comic books are weird
Suntory: I like the monks
jml98: yeah...whats the appeal??
hull_street: I love the way the bells meld with the phone ringing, great sound work there
KKDallas: i can't get over that she is only 18 when this was filmed
jml98: another great city view
jml2: I wish I could see the movie
jml98: yeah...a continuity issue here "ikebana" "hair products"
jml98: actually she turned 18 during the filming
hull_street: I wonder what hair products John is trying ?
jml98: she looks soo...mature
hull_street: They aren't working, whatever they are
KKDallas: in the script, there is a scene with her and john...he is using new gel
Suntory: ha
KKDallas: she says his hair smells like popcorn
jml2: yes
hull_street: another great music cue
jml98: i read the original screenplay...makes his hair smell like "popcorn"
jml98: hehe i have some free time huh
jml98: yeah fantion, by sebastien tellier
hull_street: ow !
KKDallas: i am dying to find her shade of NARS lipgloss,
jml98: fantino**
KKDallas: so I the only female here?
hull_street: love those shades
Suntory: Lock and load or rocjk and roll?!
hull_street: could be...
jml98: hehe pink underwear...
jml2: no KK
KKDallas: lock and loll
jml98: "lock and loll"
hull_street: nice skyline there
Suntory: ah
jml98: indeed
hull_street: young Bill !!!
Suntory: KKDallas: No I think jml2 said her name was Janine
jml2: Bill was cute when he was younger
KKDallas: Does anyone know what shade of NARS lipgloss she puts on?
hull_street: I don't think I like massage anymore
jml98: i don't get this part why does she go crazy???
Suntory: Premium Fantasy!!!!!
jml2: no idea
KKDallas: I loved Bill in "Todd and Lisa" on SNL
hull_street: wrong crowd for THAT question, KK !
jml2: thats a great line from bill
KKDallas: lol..i guess bad!
Suntory: Maybe she goes crazy because its part of the premium package!
hull_street: don't touch me ! Just "lip" my stocking !
jml98: hehe that could be.
jml98: hehe wonder if he paid for that lamp
hull_street: he dines alone the next morning, you'll notice
jml98: god tokyo is soo advanced
jml2: she goes crazy because its part of the fantasy
jml98: not even times square has moving video on the buildings
KKDallas: is he dining in his room?
hull_street: I'd LOOOOVE that big screen TV !
hull_street: I don't think he's in his room
jml2: the screen in the square? lol
jml98: haha love this part
KKDallas: there is a new member that said he was recently in Tokyo and went to the Starbucks where some of the Shibuya shots were made
hull_street: Nice way to duck the request, Bob !
jml98: this part was ALL improv by bill murray
hull_street: It looks very staged to me, the timing of the people leaving his eyeline is perfect
jml98: ive always wondered what is that little black square thing that the guy "uses" on bob
KKDallas: I read somewhere that Sopfia was giving lines to Naka like "rat pack" to say to Bill...totally ad libbed
Suntory: I like the serious execs, too funny.
hull_street: light meter jml
jml2: something to check the lighting?
jml98: theres one exec that cracks up
Suntory: black square probably light meter
KKDallas: kwose your face
jml98: the guy in glasses right behind naka
jml98: watch for him later....
jml2: I noticed some of the guys smirking in that scene
hull_street: more TENSION !!!
jml98: a ring a ding ding
hull_street: Are you drinking ?
jml98: he drinks martinis, but ok i got it..hehe
hull_street: no...Loger Moore
jml98: man i love the neon at night....
hull_street: Scarborough Fair ! ACK !!!
jml98: hot
KKDallas: is the guy behind Naka at Charlie's party?
Suntory: Notice Charlie Borwn at the table
hull_street: yeppers
KKDallas: Charlie is at the table talking to John
hull_street: flirt Bill, FLIRT !!!
Suntory: And the hip hop guy
hull_street: Nice eyeliner
KKDallas: yet when Charlotte and Bob meet him the next night, she acts like it is her first time to see him in Japan.
jml98: this delay...
hull_street: those metal clips are sooo funny
hull_street: she didn't introduce them before
KKDallas: I know! seems like he would have felt them in the car on the way back
jml2: does she kk?
hull_street: you're right, though, KK, she does act like she hasn't seen him in a long time
hull_street: KELLY !!!
KKDallas: yes, she hugs and kisses him at the party. yet he was just with her and john at the New York Bar.
jml98: heheh thers cameron diaz...i mean "kelly"
Suntory: Yaaaa!!!!
jml98: check out charlotte's facial expressions
hull_street: watch Charlottes face scrunch up
hull_street: that little chin thing she does is priceless
jml2: that scene is brilliant too
jml98: evelyn waugh? evelyn waugh was a man!
KKDallas: in the script, Kelly is carrying a copy of Memoirs of a Geisha
hull_street: wrong answers, John...
Suntory: So Charlotte went to Yale?!
jml2: apparently
hull_street: not everybody does, though...
jml98: god how dumb is kelly at that press conference
KKDallas: I am confused as to when she graduated...last spring? but she has been married 2 years?
hull_street: Although Keanu dies, he comes back
Suntory: I wonder if the whole Keanu dies and is reincarnated is a Matrix reference?
KKDallas: ka-rah-tay!
jml2: maybe she did a postgrad degree
hull_street: I sooo thought that one girl was Sofia in the Ikebana scene
jml2: what is the movie? something velocity?
KKDallas: maybe it was post grad work. i got the impression she was an undergrad there
KKDallas: midnight velocity
hull_street: Midnight Velocity
jml2: I dont think sofia thought it through
jml2: not that it matters
hull_street: I love the switch between Charlotte and Bob here
KKDallas: i agree....i have watched this movie so many times, i pick up on little things. this will always be my all time favorite movie because of a similar
KKDallas: experience
hull_street: new trivia question, what's the name on the waiter's tag ?
greg45: i love how she kind of plays with the pack of ciggarettes here
greg45: just something about they way she does it
KKDallas: Bob can't even sell Charlotte on a
hull_street: only 2 Million ? POOR BOB !
hull_street: LOL KK
KKDallas: I can't read his name. i read in the credits though that he was Bill's personal assistant on the set.
jml98: ahh i LOVE this scene..i love all the scene where the two interact with each other/the city
jml2: I like charlottes gold watch that shows in another scene
jml98: how pretty is charlotte btw??
jml98: theres a good buck in that racket
KKDallas: her skin is her full lips
hull_street: VERRY, jml98
jml2: and do you notice the diamond C pendant she always wears. Like sofia always wore a star pendant
Suntory: Charlotte is very VERY!!!!
jml2: I LOVE the line that its pro bono
KKDallas: I wonder what kind of clothes they put her in. i read that they dressed Bill in a lot of Helmut Lang.
hull_street: She's grown up very quickly
jml98: hehe that trainer guy is great
jml2: so cute and funny
hull_street: Man Who Wasn't There wasn't that long ago
jml98: neither was ghost world...havent seen man who wasn't there
hull_street: I want to play these games
jml98: ive played that guitar game
jml2: I think its marc jacobs, but I dont know
hull_street: It's a very short segment of the film that she's in
jml98: ive played a lot of those games
jml98: that one where the guy hits the buttons is HARD
hull_street: I'm jealous jml98
KKDallas: I loved that movie! The Coen brothers are great! Scarlett was only 16 when that movie was made.
jml98: they don't show the most famous game from japan: DDR that dancing game
hull_street: I love the symphonic dance the kid does
KKDallas: Marc Jacobs makes perfect sense. He and Sofia are friends.
jml98: hehe
hull_street: I love the symphonic dance the kid does
KKDallas: Marc Jacobs makes perfect sense. He and Sofia are friends.
jml98: hehe
jml98: i have a japanese PS2 also
jml2: those games are mesmerizing
Suntory: Kelly I think youre anorexic!
hull_street: My dad was an anorexic...
jml98: and addictive
KKDallas: Hmmm...can JOhn be any more obvious that he doesn't want her there?
hull_street: Not really, LOL
KKDallas: LOL....I thought you were anorexic...THANK YOU!
jml98: wait a minute...i suck at history, but wasnt' the bay of pigs by rebels from cuba???
Suntory: Its sound like Hella Large on the track D00D!!
hull_street: CIA led incursion
jml98: prison break. u in?
KKDallas: Powercleanse!
hull_street: da da da da ka ka ka ka
jml2: I can just imagine sofia being in this situation
hull_street: I'm trying ot organize a prison break...
jml98: hehe k..havent studied that one yet in school so
jml2: in real life
KKDallas: in the script, she describes Powercleanse...lemon juice, cayenne pepper, etc...
KKDallas: she says it makes the whites of your eyes really white...bleh!!
jml98: mmm cristal
hull_street: ewwww !
hull_street: to the powercleanse, not the crystal
KKDallas: lol
jml2: someone said that might be sofias champagne not cristal?
jml98: whats gross hull?
hull_street: bye bye, johnny-boy ! Let the movie begin !
jml98: lonely
Suntory: I love this view!
jml98: thats my avatar image
KKDallas: don't let the door hit ya on the way out.
hull_street: and it's very nice
jml98: thanks
jml98: hehe akward moment
hull_street: beautiful pool
KKDallas: toe looks fine...
hull_street: hmmm, bathrobes...
KKDallas: i want to stay in this hotel so bad!
Suntory: Me too!
jml98: hehe yeah
jml2: I want to be that rich so bad
hull_street: I just want to spend the week with Charlotte
greg45: i want to visit the bar
jml98: which ones burgandy
hull_street: the red one
jml98: a lot of good music coming up
hull_street: WIPEOUT !
KKDallas: burgandy will take 12 weeks, you know.
jml98: chem. bros, phoenix, brass in pocket, peace love understanding
hull_street: Whatever you want, I'm lost
jml2: are they going out now?
hull_street: I'll be quiet during karaoke and after, I'll be in a trance
jml98: damn i wanna go to that bar
KKDallas: yes, she is snipping the tag
Suntory: I like the fireworks and Charlies shirt
hull_street: that shirt, ugh !
KKDallas: see, she acts like she hasn't seen Charlie in a long time
hull_street: nice hat on that one girl
hull_street: yep
jml98: ive NEVER understood what the hell the chubby japanese man is talking about
hull_street: what are those damn rocks ?
KKDallas: How did a Japanese guy get a name like Hans? he;ll intorduce himself at Charlies house
greg45: did you guys know that you can buy his shirt, and when its turned inside out like he wears it it says "lost in translation"?
jml98: where can i get a bb gun like that??
hull_street: the emperors house, of course !
KKDallas: i think he is talking about the Emporor's palace in Tokyo....tourist attraction. Maybe he is telling Bob to visit.
jml98: hehe i have a pachinko machine in my house
hull_street: throwing the bottle seems extreme
KKDallas: I bought my husband that shirt off of Ebay
hull_street: I'm soo jealous KK
KKDallas: I love it when he wears it....people will come up to him and ask him where he got it.
jml98: "its just the feeling i get"
hull_street: Marry me LOL
jml98: weed reference
KKDallas: here comes Hans
Suntory: Hans is a stoner, pot leaf tatoo!!!
jml98: phoenix! love it
KKDallas: what is the weed reference here?
hull_street: they don't actually show Bill smoking, but it is implied, isn't it ?
jml98: well there all stoners
jml2: I love the phoenix song
jml98: what's so funny bout peace love and understanding??
KKDallas: i think so. It doesn't bother me. Now if they were freebasing cocaine, I think it would be ruined for me. lol
hull_street: LOL yeah, it would be a different film, I think
KKDallas: I bought a pink wig like Charlottes
jml98: pink wig....
Suntory: Im sure a few of us have a smoked a few blunts in our day . . .
hull_street: I love Brass in Pocket, as sung by Scarlett
jml2: kk really? lol I'd love to try one on too
KKDallas: I wonder if Sofia supports the legalization of marijuana?
jml98: i think i read its scarlett's tribute to cher
hull_street: it could have happened Suntory...
Suntory: Pink wig and tshirt. . . .hmmmm...sounds like KK and hubby have premium fantasy going on. . .
jml98: voice isn't too bad is it
hull_street: Fantasy night at KK's !
KKDallas: LOL...yes, we try to live LiT everyday!
jml98: u know theres nothing more than this
jml2: kk does your husband like this movie?
hull_street: Do you have a sister ? LOL
KKDallas: I wanted Bill to break out into his lounge singer skit from
hull_street: No that would have ruined it
jml98: i think hull's in love!!!
jml2: I'm glad that he didnt
hull_street: It's the sincerity that makes the scene
Suntory: Yea his lounge skit popped in my head first time I saw this.
jml98: that song gonna be quiet while i listen
greg45: my bloody valentine...
greg45: beautiful song, beautiful album
KKDallas: yes, he liked it but not nearly as much as I did. I didn't become a huge fan until around the Golden Globes
hull_street: that shot of her looking out the window of the taxi is spellbinding
KKDallas: i love the shot of her watching Bob sleep
hull_street: Then the shot of him watching her doze off
jml2: directors trademark, shot of moving car window
System Msg: KKDallas has joined chat on Wed Nov 17, 2004 10:15 pm
System Msg: Suntory has joined chat on Wed Nov 17, 2004 10:15 pm
KKDallas: I'm back...major screen freeze
Suntory: The site stopped working but I got back in
Suntory: I left my tape running . . . did others?
hull_street: And we're back !
KKDallas: I thought i got booted out.
hull_street: yeppers, watching La Dolce Vita now
KKDallas: yes, my dvd is still running
hull_street: We did, site crashed temporarily
jml98: love this convo...gonna just sit and listen
hull_street: Great line, "...the less you let things upset you..."
KKDallas: that is so true....the older i get, the more i know myself...the less things bother me
System Msg: Suntory has joined chat on Wed Nov 17, 2004 10:19 pm
hull_street: You learn not to sweat the small stuff
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hull_street: Because as you get older, you understand what's really important
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jml2: the site crashed?
jml98: love that...hand on foot,. "you're not hopeless"
KKDallas: isn't it cool how they can easily fall asleep together
hull_street: MyPHP problem, or so it seems
hull_street: didn't last long, though
KKDallas: my next LiT purchase will be Bose headphones....
hull_street: that's when you know you really trust someone
jml98: its cool how their relationship is totally completely absolutely non sexual
jml98: yeah...except there 300 bucks
Suntory: I love this part where Charlotte goes to Kyoto
hull_street: it would have ruined this film for them to go there
jml98: the test of a true friendship
KKDallas: ITA, JML....sort of on the edge of sexual but never crossing the line
jml2: kk where did you get the pink wig?
hull_street: not to Kyoto, to bed LOL
Suntory: But the really funny thing is when soon that bus of screaming people goes by. Its so surreal. I played it in slomo when I rented the dvd.
jml98: awesome camera work
hull_street: Beautiful sequence
jml98: KK , whats ITA
KKDallas: I totally agree
hull_street: and perfect music to accompany, as usual for this film
KKDallas: I got the pink wig at a dancewear place. I was buying my daughter some dance clothes for her dance team and they had these wigs there
jml98: notice the note on the map
jml2: sofia has a gift for soundtracks, virgin suicides has perfect music for certain scenees too
hull_street: I could never read the handwriting before, it seemed so perfect once I understood what it said
KKDallas: This place also sells costumes and stuff for stage/musical productions
jml98: call me if you get lost
Suntory: Matthew Snellig!!!
KKDallas: I have tried to plot out her map on my map of Tokyo but my map doesn't go as far south and west
KKDallas: i crack up at his little dance...ta tonga tong
hull_street: have to visit that show if I go to Japan
jml2: thats the one thing I actually laugh at in this movie, matthews japanese dance
jml98: "welcome bob"
hull_street: the full tape in the extras is great
KKDallas: love Matt's shoes!
KKDallas: so Mod! LOL
hull_street: KK get Matthew's outfit !
jml98: "whatever you like, I'm completely lost"
KKDallas: to wear with my pink wig, of course
Suntory: I dont want all that pasta either!
hull_street: No, it's ALWAYS a good time...feel the sarcasm
jml98: "why dont' u stay there, then u can have it every day"
KKDallas: you can just stay in Japan and eat it everyday then! LOL
hull_street: hahahaha
KKDallas: LOL...GMTA
jml2: I have bought some LIT inspired stuff, I bought a 'diamond' necklace sort of like charlottes, and the earring studs
hull_street: change the subject...
hull_street: Still can't find that ringtone anywhere
jml2: I already had the black coat
jml98: ahh this scene is great
KKDallas: I never noticed Charlotte's C necklace
jml2: KK look in some movie stills you can see it
KKDallas: what scene are we on? my son turned the TV off
hull_street: "C" necklace ?
Suntory: Uh oh Bob. . .
hull_street: Jazz singer !
jml98: "guess ur busy, huh?"
jml2: a pendant of the initial C, in diamonds
hull_street: ugh !
jml98: why is charlotte so stung by bob's affair?
hull_street: duh, thanks jml2
jml2: jml98 because she is jealous, she has feeling for bob
hull_street: 'cause she loves him !
jml98: maybe she thinks hes "better" than that
KKDallas: I think Charlotte wanted to be with Bob...she was jealous
jml98: o man that scowl is great
jml98: hmm..yeah ok dumb question
jml2: its a mixture of feelings, as feelings often are
hull_street: what a pout !
KKDallas: We went to a shabu shabu restaurant the other night. we were the only non-asian people there. it was fun!
jml98: awkward
Suntory: Ive noticed a bunch of new Shabu Shabu places in Boston lately. . .
jml2: shabu shabu=cook your own food right?
hull_street: Dallas is quite international, it seems...we're lucky to find sushi in Baltimore
Suntory: Ill have to try it...maybe.
jml98: that was the WORST lunch..actually those lunches are pretty good, dunno if anybody's tried them
jml98: yeah lol u should see CA
KKDallas: Dallas didn't used to be a good international city. I've lived here all my life, except when I was away at school.
hull_street: Damn that fire alarm !
jml98: theres EVERYTHING u can think of
jml98: "tomorrow" u can hear his voice (and heart) break
KKDallas: We have lots of great sushi places. I ate lunch at one near my office alot this summer and talked to the sushi chef about Tokyo and Lit.
jml2: its almost over
jml98: man..they want to be with each other soo bad..look at them "gaze longingly into each others eyes"
Suntory: NOooo!
jml2: my 2nd favourite scene is coming up, the woohoo scene
KKDallas: my favorite scene...them gazing at each other, holding hands
jml98: all good things must end i suppose
hull_street: love this scene
KKDallas: what is your favorite scene, JML?
jml98: hehe another awkard moment, goodnite kiss
jml2: the final goodbye of course
jml98: mind? or jml2...
jml98: mine**
KKDallas: both of you can answer!
jml98: i like a lot of scenes too tho
hull_street: awkward elevator scene
KKDallas: ah, yes, the final goodbye
jml98: late night convo...karaoke
jml98: first meeting is great too
KKDallas: i like the Kelly scenes, too.
Suntory: Great line, the jacket she stole from him!
jml98: hehe "i have to go rite now"
KKDallas: have a good fright bob-san
hull_street: I like the way he looks at the phone, like he wants to take the comment back
jml98: hes got better things to do
hull_street: well, bye...
jml98: ok...listen to the final whisper, i could have sworn he said "Promise that you won't give up that easy. On the flight back, tell him the tru
hull_street: heartbreaking
jml98: truth, ok?"
KKDallas: where is the final good bye? anyone know the street or area?
jml98: listen
jml2: jml98 I htink you are right
hull_street: Hey, you !
jml98: anybody agree??
Suntory: I think I started to hear it. Oy.
KKDallas: i definitely hear "tell the truth, ok"
jml98: yes finally someone agrees with me!
KKDallas: but i can't make out the first part
jml98: ok im gonna be quiet now...
jml2: I like that whisper anyway, it completely fits them
hull_street: Ah, Just Like Honey
KKDallas: why do you think he says don't give up that easy?
hull_street: what a great song to end on
KKDallas: where does that come from? their late night bed conversation?
jml98: don't give up on marriage that easy
jml2: dont give up on the marriage or life that easy
jml98: well, im gonna the last scene alone...thanks this was AWESOME!!!
KKDallas: ah..ok..makes perfect sense
jml98: yes "im stuck"
jml2: the main thing is he is giving her advice about living life well
KKDallas: Yes, this was fun! I was glad to have some like-minded people "watching" it with me.
hull_street: this was great ! thanks, guys !
Suntory: yes thanks was fab!
jml98: she asks "does it get easier"
jml2: next time it should be a weekend so I can watch too
hull_street: yeah, maybe we should schedule semi-regular viewings or something
Suntory: YEs next time weekend and good time for west coast and world time!
jml2: on irc would be better too

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#31 Post by jml98 » Thu Nov 18, 2004 12:28 am

a very successful and enjoyable multi view if i say so myself...woulda liked more members to have been there...esepcailly Bob and those that post often, johnmonkey, time it should be done on a weekend or friday night when more can participate...


#32 Post by Guest » Thu Nov 18, 2004 12:47 am

Sorry I couldn't make it but I had to work late. It's been crazy
for a while.
I read the transcript. I checked my hosts server logs and there was a
critical server crash so sorry about that but the server admins take
care of that stuff. All their servers were fine except that one. Murphy's
Law I guess!
Mr_Tym wrote: We should just create a #LIT channel on irc. That'll be soo easy.
We can talk about that but lets do that in this other topic:

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#33 Post by Just Like Honey... » Thu Nov 18, 2004 11:06 pm

I just found this site today and am absolutely amazed with the content. I love this movie so much, it has really changed my life, I own it and watch it on countless occasions! :D It's such a shame that I didn't stumble upon this site a few days earlier so I could've been there for the Multi View, that wouldve been an amazing experience.. I've read most of the posts and I'm in the same boat as everyone else.. none of my friends see anything in this movie and i have been strugging to find people like myself who realize how beautiful it really is.. When there's another multi view planned, I'll be there!!!
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#34 Post by jml98 » Thu Nov 18, 2004 11:07 pm

hey glad u joined just like honey...need more enthusiastic members like you...i think you will be happy with this site, its a place where you're not attacked for liking LiT or having strong emotions about the movie (UNLIKE IMDB)


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jml98 wrote:a very successful and enjoyable multi view if i say so myself...woulda liked more members to have been there...esepcailly Bob and those that post often, johnmonkey, time it should be done on a weekend or friday night when more can participate...
I must apologize...I stayed up until 3am the night before chatting, and then I spent the morning fussing over my mom, who I took to have cataract surgery.

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#36 Post by jm » Fri Nov 19, 2004 1:13 am

I am the guest who just posted (at 11.19.2004 12:04 am).
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Just Like Honey... wrote:Hey,
I just found this site today and am absolutely amazed with the content.... When there's another multi view planned, I'll be there!!!
Wow that's great, welcome, and glad you like it!

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#38 Post by CHris! » Fri Nov 19, 2004 2:37 pm

I'll try and be there for the next multiview ;(
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#39 Post by lost in translation » Mon Nov 22, 2004 11:06 pm

Damnit. I've been so busy with work that I forgot. :(

Looks like you guys had a good time, though. I will be sure to make the next one.

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