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What I saw and heard

#1 Post by GUEST » Wed Nov 17, 2004 12:04 am

Having gone to see LIT...um...several times, my recollection of the movie is often tangled up with what I saw & heard at the various screenings. Certain people, snippets of conversations, vocal responses to the film have become stuck in my mind. Here's a sampling:

During the opening shot there were a lot of "hmms", "wells", "whoas", nervous laughter and "I don't like this kind of movie lets leave"--OK nobody ever said that. Something else I never heard during the opening or any other scene of C in her underware was any hooting, howling, whistling or cat calls from guys. I guess the effect she had was more mesmerizing than lascivious.

Two couples in front of me, the men wanting to know why B & C didn't have sex. The women explaining that sometimes you just want an emotional connection with someone.

The man behind me who audibly smirked when C tells L she didn't feel anything at the shrine.

The two young women in front of me who would rock in their seats whenever B said something sarcastic or funny.

A woman to her husband: "That was pretty shallow".

The walkouts: they mostly took place during the night club/house party/karaoke sequence.

When B & C are in the cab headed back to the hotel, the man behind me who declared in a plaintive tone "Two lost souls".

The two young couples: every couple of minutes one of the women would turn to her friend and exchange a few words. I wanted to ask her: "Don't you think you missed a lot of this movie"?

An old lady to her companions: "I think that movie was lost in translation".

The blind man: did he find LIT a more frustrating experience than most films?

The man behind me who yawned and later sighed and finally at the end said "What a boring movie".

The woman who made a disapproving noise when B said he didn't want to leave and C told him to stay with her.

The man who laughed heartily when B said "there's a good buck in that racket". This theatre was across the street from a university, maybe he was a philosophy professor.

The woman who gasped twice, each time B made that sad face as C walked away and entered the elevator.

The boisterous young guy. Before the previews during a clip of a Hilary Duff video he laughed derisively. After the "Laws of Attraction" trailer he yelled out: "Rental". I was wondering if he would have the patience for LIT. But as it turned out he really enjoyed the movie. He laughed uproariously during the funny scenes, leaned forward a couple of times as if to get a closer look. But during the strip club scene he shifted uncomfortably in his seat and seemed to avert his eyes from the screen.

Finally one of the most vivid, certainly the most poignant memory I have is of the girl who was weeping, her boyfriend holding her, trying to comfort her as they exited the theatre. I wonder if she has ever visited this site?

What are some of your memories from the theatre?

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#2 Post by jml2 » Wed Nov 17, 2004 2:25 am

I did not take as much notice of others in the audience as this.
I only remember as I walked out, a woman ahead of me turned around and asked if I found it boring, I replied no, and she said she must not have been in the right mood.

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#3 Post by Blissbomb » Wed Nov 17, 2004 5:07 am

I dont know who you are Guest, but that is one of the most inciteful posts I have read in my life.

Just when you think you have worked out people, someone does something that always surprises.

You should join up Guest.
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#4 Post by jeffyen » Wed Nov 17, 2004 8:29 am

You know something? That one girl crying more than makes up for the rest not getting it unfortunately...

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#5 Post by CHris! » Wed Nov 17, 2004 11:11 am

im quite annoyed i missed it at the cinema, only caught it on DVD, but everyone of my mates seems to think its pretty boring stuff :/
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#6 Post by lostinflorida » Wed Nov 17, 2004 1:52 pm

I am kind of happy that all my friends think it's boring though. Makes me feel unique :)



#7 Post by Silver » Wed Nov 17, 2004 9:01 pm

I saw the film seven times in the theater and without fail the following occurred:

People did walk out during the night clubbing scene, karaoke and strip club sequences. Others at the end found the film boring and could not understand what I had found so interesting about the film to have seen it multiple times when they had trouble viewing it once. I only found one couple who actually felt the same way I did.

I have spoken to numerous people over the course of the last year and when I mention the film 99.9% have responded that they have not seen the film as of yet. Those that I have either lent my DVD or taped the film for them have not gone head over heels for the film either.

I still hold fast to my love for the film in every which way, the acting, the simplicity of the plot but the complexity of the message, the cinematography and the soundtrack.

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#8 Post by jml98 » Wed Nov 17, 2004 9:47 pm

guest...that was an amazing post...the last one about the girl crying really got to me....you should join this forum...UNFORTUNATELY, i did not have the privalege of seeing the movie in a theater, which i reallllly wanted to do, especially after watching it on satellite tv...still thinking bout that girl crying....Guest, you should partcipate in the multi view, see the announcement in this forum for details if u want

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#9 Post by Suntory » Thu Nov 18, 2004 12:14 am

My wife saw it once in the theature with me, knows I then kept going to see it and did the chat,
and told me tonight: "You people are crazy!"
She enjoyed the film but not THAT much! :?

I dont recall peoples reaction in the theature.
Just mostly that it was always quiet.
I went at off times when there were only a few people in there
(except the first time).

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in the theatre

#10 Post by findingcharlotte » Fri Nov 19, 2004 1:04 pm

I saw LIT on a rainy afternoon in a 100 seater locally that mostly airs independant or art films....Its great..movie and snacks for under $ 10! and the owner gets up and talks about the screening before the film...Was mostly an older audience..well the opening shot came on and some lady in back says " oh oh a bum " ..some scattered laughter at her..some walk outs during the film..and actually..the film didnt " strike me " till later that day and has of course..never left me. No one I know save for one or 2 guys.." got " this movie...but ..doesnt matter to me...To understand this movie is a gift of insight..and Im happy with that.
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#11 Post by lost in translation » Mon Nov 22, 2004 11:12 pm

CHris! wrote:im quite annoyed i missed it at the cinema, only caught it on DVD, but everyone of my mates seems to think its pretty boring stuff :/

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#12 Post by ScarlettsButt » Sun Dec 05, 2004 5:57 am

well i can say this confident being a grown man in touch with myself....

i didnt want the movie to end the first time i saw it.

very few movies ive ever seen have i got so emotionally involved.

i mean this is one of those movies that you get done seeing and then you roll over to your girlfriend and say "isnt it time we go to japan"

great great flick.

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#13 Post by A moment of silence » Thu Oct 13, 2005 11:22 pm

I so wanted to have seen it on theaters because I would have found out about it sooner and seen the reaction of the audience.

Great post, Guest!! I could not stop reading even if I wanted to.

I am going to try to make my teacher of Cinema in College to play it for us. He plays all kinds of films, but I want to watch it in the big screen and see how people react to it.
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#14 Post by Congruous » Fri Oct 14, 2005 9:43 am

I didn't want it to end, either. It's too good.

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#15 Post by adrien950 » Fri Oct 21, 2005 12:28 am

I didn't get to see it in a theatre either. I had rented it , my wife was out if town, and I had just finished watching some basketball game. I was bored and decided to go get a movie before the rental store closed. I got LIT not really sure of what to expect. I started watching it around midnight. and when it was over I was so numb, I didn't go to bed until 8am. It blew me away.

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#16 Post by Lochlain » Thu Nov 03, 2005 7:46 am

Nothing to say on this topic.
Never saw it in theatre.

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