LIT personal moment - Kelly vs. Charlotte

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LIT personal moment - Kelly vs. Charlotte

#1 Post by welcometoTokyo » Sun Nov 06, 2005 1:37 pm

well as much as i love this film and watched gazillion times so many in my life refer back to scene of this movie, specially i can closely relate to Charlotte's character. Last night my ex and i went out with his friend's couple, his friend always brings this bubbly girl like Kelly in LIT everytime and i feel like i need to compete and speed up my tempo. In the movie that elevator scene infront of movie & in the bar hanging out with Charlotte's husband, Kelly and the musician Charlotte never seems in part of their conversation or find amusing. Also her husband acting so weird (rubbing Charlotte's back ) keeping up with Kelly's over-reacting californian girl speech. I so experienced that last night and i couldn't feel any nastier(?) than ever. i don't think there's something wrong with me as my ex tried telling me 'rise up & blend in' all night i wasn't just into meaningless bs talks. All i wanted to do was find someone like Bob at this Cafe we were drinking and run off exploring the cities. i guess 'ex' title comes with a meaning after 3 years he still present me with what i'm not in with. Contrast to the movie i was stuck with the group for all night and karioki after just about giving all of them the down mood and title my self as 'party pooper'. Next morning today i'm here playing my LIT padding my own back.. :?

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#2 Post by Congruous » Sun Nov 06, 2005 8:36 pm

Isn't it weird that you can feel so alone and isolated in the middle of several people? Sometimes when I'm by myself I try to decide if I'd rather be alone or get together with someone and I know I could call my old girlfriend and I already know how I will feel after I've done it. It just doesn't work. Sometimes moving ahead means waiting.

Charlotte was dead in the water with that group. She was like a shadow. She was there because she thought she ought to be, but it wasn't right. She had to decide what to do, and the movie shows her processing the information that might lead up to a decision.

WelcomeToTokyo, I remember a time after I had been living in a town away from my friends for several years, I came home and we all went to a Beach Boys concert. I didn't really want to go, but I wanted to try to reconnect. It didn't work. Everybody was saying, "Come on! Isn't this fun?" It just wasn't fun. It was time to move on. I have managed to reconnect with some of those folks, but it took time to make it happen. I'm sorry you and your ex have moved apart, but you'll find someone more to your taste.

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