LIT Release Anniv Celebration Simul-view! Sun Sep 23, 2007

Discuss the fabulous movie Lost In Translation!

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#21 Post by mysterygo » Sun Sep 23, 2007 10:30 am

I'll still coming, hopefully! I need to get some Suntory in, but they don't sell it round here, looks like I'll have to settle for a cheap bottle of cider. :)

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#22 Post by Flyonthewall » Sun Sep 23, 2007 1:16 pm

Gonna need to run an errand with my 2 kids (uhm, they REALLY need a haircut) :D

But... I will be there.. if a lil late. :roll: I'll just forward it to the general area where everyone's at

Thanks again to Bob-san and everyone who came up with this idea. Nice to see how this movie has completely moved / changed people's lives.
"...Stay here, with me...."

The Search for Charlotte continues....

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#23 Post by Tombo » Sun Sep 23, 2007 4:58 pm

What a great night!

Thanks,guys :D

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#24 Post by preciouswhile » Sun Sep 23, 2007 4:59 pm

Thanks to everyone that showed up, always nice to view it with others that appreciate the film. Here's the transcript:

System Msg: drabthehours has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 23, 2007 10:50 am
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System Msg: mysterygo has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 23, 2007 10:55 am
mysterygo [10:55am]: hello!
chrispol [10:56am]: abc
drabthehours [10:56am]: Hello.
chrispol [10:56am]: hi
System Msg: Tombo has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 23, 2007 10:56 am
drabthehours [10:56am]: Hopefully this chat thing cooperates today.
System Msg: samwright8380 has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 23, 2007 10:56 am
samwright8380 [10:56am]: hi guys!
mysterygo [10:56am]: has it been playing up then?
Tombo [10:57am]: hey there guys
mysterygo [10:57am]: hi!
chrispol [10:57am]: Hi !
mysterygo [10:57am]: hey!
Tombo [10:57am]: ready to go?
samwright8380 [10:57am]: i nearly forgot the time and missed everything...
drabthehours [10:57am]: No, just the one of the last times it crashed halfway through Razz
Tombo [10:57am]: ha ha me 2
samwright8380 [10:57am]: i'm trying to get the dvd out of bthe slipcover
mysterygo [10:58am]: okay :p
Tombo [10:58am]: got my jap dvd rarin 2 go!
drabthehours [10:58am]: We'll wait about 10 minutes to start
Tombo [10:59am]: ok
mysterygo [10:59am]: i was half way to buying the jap one, but cancelled my order as i didn't really have the money
samwright8380 [10:59am]: i got my dvd from japan...this'll be the first time i've played it though..
Tombo [10:59am]: know what u mean-its expensive
mysterygo [10:59am]: yeah, p&p doubled the price too
Tombo [11:00am]: beautiful packaging and fotos tho
mysterygo [11:00am]: i want to get it somewhen though, looks really nice
mysterygo [11:00am]: alright, don't rub it in :p
Tombo [11:00am]: ha ha
Tombo [11:01am]: only 5 of us? I thought there'd be more!
drabthehours [11:02am]: It's well worth the money
drabthehours [11:02am]: A couple people said they'd be late as well
System Msg: Pitman has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:03 am
Tombo [11:03am]: ok-time to raid the fridge for a beer,then?
mysterygo [11:03am]: suntory beer?
Tombo [11:03am]: i wish
samwright8380 [11:04am]: i haven't had the heart to open my suntory whiskey yet...
drabthehours [11:04am]: Ok, change of TV complete. Sun decided to come out and ruin where I was trying to watch.
Tombo [11:04am]: well,now's the time...
mysterygo [11:04am]: you should buy another, then you can drink one and keep one on display
samwright8380 [11:05am]: that was what i was thinking.....its a great excuse to go get another one!
mysterygo [11:05am]: yeah lol
drabthehours [11:05am]: 5 more minutes
drabthehours [11:06am]: We'll just say everyone should start by pushing play from the title screen when it's time, I think.
samwright8380 [11:06am]: i had a smaller bottle before, but i left it in the cupboard at my folks and went travelling, and the first email i got from them said thanks for the whiskey!
mysterygo [11:06am]: haha
mysterygo [11:07am]: does anyone know what it's like to drink then?
samwright8380 [11:07am]: i'll try not to say ''been there!'' too much Smile
drabthehours [11:08am]: <-- Jealous.
samwright8380 [11:08am]: i've had some before...bought a little bottle back and a big one and tried the little one.....its not too bad...i'm not an expert though
Tombo [11:08am]: yeah very!
mysterygo [11:09am]: it would be the place i'd love to go most
mysterygo [11:10am]: what was it like visiting the places in the film sam?
samwright8380 [11:10am]: its a little surreal....the cinematography is very true to life
samwright8380 [11:11am]: subtle washed out colours mixed with the whole craziness of the place
Tombo [11:11am]: sounds brilliant
mysterygo [11:11am]: yeah
drabthehours [11:12am]: The airport is closest I ever got Sad
drabthehours [11:12am]: Everyone ready?
Tombo [11:12am]: yep
mysterygo [11:12am]: closer than me :p
samwright8380 [11:12am]: you can get courier tickets from london quite cheap
drabthehours [11:14am]: Alright, let's start it....
drabthehours [11:14am]:! (ish)
samwright8380 [11:14am]: ... er+flights
mysterygo [11:14am]: i've hit the button
Tombo [11:14am]: scarletts a**!
mysterygo [11:14am]: now scarlett's a** for me :p
drabthehours [11:15am]: It's been quite a while since I've watched it all the way through, this is good.
Tombo [11:15am]: the colours of nite-time tokyo!
samwright8380 [11:15am]: in this bit, hes actually driving away from the hyatt.....
mysterygo [11:15am]: does it make anyone else feel tingly?
System Msg: LostCalls has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:16 am
Tombo [11:16am]: yeah!
drabthehours [11:16am]: Hi Lost Calls, we just started it
LostCalls [11:16am]: hello all!
LostCalls [11:16am]: thanks
mysterygo [11:16am]: hi!
LostCalls [11:16am]: where are we roughly?
Tombo [11:16am]: hey there
drabthehours [11:16am]: He's just pulling up to the hotel now.
mysterygo [11:16am]: i wondered about that advertisement
Tombo [11:16am]: bobs at tghe hotel
LostCalls [11:16am]: awesome
samwright8380 [11:17am]: i have japanese subtitles!
System Msg: chrispol's session has expired on Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:17 am
drabthehours [11:17am]: Yeah me too...
Tombo [11:17am]: me 2!
System Msg: chrispol has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:17 am
LostCalls [11:17am]: ok...i have "mr. haris, pleased to welcome"
drabthehours [11:18am]: Yep
mysterygo [11:18am]: welcome back!
LostCalls [11:18am]: rock
Tombo [11:18am]: thats about right
mysterygo [11:18am]: i wish i could hang out in some smokey jazz bar
samwright8380 [11:19am]: i saw a book in waterstones by taschen called tokyo style the other has some pictures of the skyline taken from the hyatt and the pool
drabthehours [11:19am]: On top of a skyscraper...
LostCalls [11:19am]: it's pretty fantastic
Tombo [11:19am]: sounds good
samwright8380 [11:19am]: its a shame they remodelled the bar...
drabthehours [11:19am]: I kinda want to see a clip from one of his action movies
drabthehours [11:20am]: Like if they had just a shot a short one and had it playing on the tv in his room or something
Tombo [11:20am]: y'mean they remodelled it without consulting us?
mysterygo [11:20am]: i can't imagine bill murray stunt driving some how
LostCalls [11:20am]: i love how the shot of charlotte sitting in the window while john's snoring kind of pulls into focus with the sound of the snore
drabthehours [11:21am]: Me either, which is why it would be fun to see
mysterygo [11:21am]: yeah lol
drabthehours [11:21am]: Yeah, Lost. The play with focus in this movie is fun to watch
samwright8380 [11:21am]: i think this movies the only reason i'd buy an HD dvd player...
LostCalls [11:21am]: it's a great synchronization of sound and image
Tombo [11:21am]: i love how everythings 2 small for bill
mysterygo [11:22am]: i've never noticed him yawning before!
drabthehours [11:22am]: He can't sleep.
Tombo [11:22am]: ha ha
Tombo [11:22am]: this bit really makes me laugh
System Msg: Pitman's session has expired on Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:23 am
mysterygo [11:23am]: mr bob san
Tombo [11:23am]: the japenese guy is so intense
drabthehours [11:23am]: Everyone's read the translation on the main site right?
LostCalls [11:23am]: indeed
mysterygo [11:23am]: yeah
Tombo [11:23am]: yeah,it's hysterical
mysterygo [11:23am]: haha
drabthehours [11:23am]: Poor Ms Kawasaki
samwright8380 [11:24am]: i wonder what the japanese subtitles make of this?
LostCalls [11:24am]: isn't he talking about bogart
Tombo [11:24am]: haha good question
System Msg: Pitman has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:24 am
mysterygo [11:25am]: i like all the people sat in the background straight faced
drabthehours [11:25am]: Welcome back Pitman
mysterygo [11:25am]: wb!
chrispol [11:25am]: for relaxing times make it suntory!
Pitman [11:25am]: hey
Tombo [11:25am]: hey there pitman
mysterygo [11:26am]: haha
Tombo [11:26am]: cutto cutto cutto!!!
drabthehours [11:26am]: God I'm begging you!
drabthehours [11:26am]: haha
Pitman [11:26am]: tombo, no jessica biel yet?
Tombo [11:26am]: haha
Pitman [11:26am]: always perfect music in this film
Tombo [11:27am]: saw her in chuck and larry yesterday
samwright8380 [11:27am]: i have no idea where this temple is...
LostCalls [11:27am]: nor i
Tombo [11:27am]: thats the closest ill get
LostCalls [11:27am]: i think it's tucked away within shinjuku somewhere
drabthehours [11:27am]: I thought there was an article that gave its location
mysterygo [11:27am]: i find it difficult to see the actors in other things
drabthehours [11:27am]: Something Bob has linked on the page somewhere
Pitman [11:27am]: the next scene on the phone..continuity problem
LostCalls [11:27am]: by the way, how do we know that lauren is her sister?
Tombo [11:28am]: how do actors cry on cue?
LostCalls [11:28am]: i've heard people say that
LostCalls [11:28am]: but i've never heard a direct reference
Pitman [11:28am]: think it's in the screenplay
LostCalls [11:28am]: ahhh
Pitman [11:28am]: very natural at crying
samwright8380 [11:28am]: i always wonder why theres not more posts on the screenplay in the forum..
Tombo [11:28am]: she was 17 when this was made?
drabthehours [11:29am]: There was a discussion about it a while ago wasn't there?
mysterygo [11:29am]: i don't like how the music suddenly stops
LostCalls [11:29am]: i think that's right
Pitman [11:29am]: look at those lips
drabthehours [11:29am]: And how it compares to the final movie?
Pitman [11:29am]: time for black toe!
drabthehours [11:29am]: Hard to believe this forums been active for 3 years...I forget when or if things happened Razz
Pitman [11:29am]: ouch!
Tombo [11:29am]: they're like pillows!
LostCalls [11:29am]: more lock and loll!
Pitman [11:30am]: the money shot
samwright8380 [11:30am]: i'll have been a member for 3 years in november...hard to believe
Tombo [11:30am]: stop smoking!
System Msg: ForRelaxingTimes has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:30 am
LostCalls [11:30am]: hello!
drabthehours [11:30am]: beautiful sunset shot
mysterygo [11:30am]: is that bob?
ForRelaxingTimes [11:30am]: hello all
Tombo [11:30am]: hi relaxing times
Pitman [11:30am]: mr. harris!
ForRelaxingTimes [11:31am]: sorry Im a little late
ForRelaxingTimes [11:31am]: where is everyone at in the movie?
mysterygo [11:31am]: hi!
drabthehours [11:31am]: Stocking lady is just entering the room
LostCalls [11:31am]: we're about to get premium fantasy
Tombo [11:31am]: is it wrong that im very attracted to the massage girl?
Pitman [11:31am]: mr kazuu sent me
drabthehours [11:31am]: Only if you still like massages
Tombo [11:31am]: it is,isn't it?
Pitman [11:31am]: lip them
mysterygo [11:31am]: i'd no idea how i'd get out of this one
LostCalls [11:31am]: what?
Tombo [11:32am]: yes,preese!
drabthehours [11:32am]: Dear Mr. Kazoo: We had a blast.
LostCalls [11:32am]: i was so confused at this point the first time i saw the film
mysterygo [11:32am]: haha
Pitman [11:33am]: she is freaky!
Tombo [11:33am]: who's mr kazu?
LostCalls [11:33am]: and there goes the power
drabthehours [11:33am]: Someone from Suntory most likely
Pitman [11:33am]: kazu must be a suntory excec
ForRelaxingTimes [11:33am]: ok just popped it in, where are you at now?
drabthehours [11:34am]: Johnny carson of japan
Pitman [11:34am]: interesting how charlotte gets all the mystical music
mysterygo [11:34am]: damn, i need a pee and i can't hold it in much longer
Pitman [11:34am]: go fast!
Tombo [11:34am]: photo shoot
samwright8380 [11:34am]: 20 minutes
LostCalls [11:34am]: pulsing bass
mysterygo [11:34am]: i want to see him in the bar with the clips on his jacket
Pitman [11:34am]: i like the make-up girl
mysterygo [11:35am]: haha
ForRelaxingTimes [11:35am]: im sorry naka what?
Tombo [11:35am]: is it wrong that we're attracted to the make up girl?
LostCalls [11:35am]: hahaha
Tombo [11:35am]: mysterious face
drabthehours [11:35am]: How cheap is that eh?
drabthehours [11:36am]: Giving him ice tea instead of whiskey
ForRelaxingTimes [11:36am]: haha one of the best lines "a ring a ding ding"
Tombo [11:36am]: lat pack!
Pitman [11:36am]: lat pack
Pitman [11:36am]: haha
mysterygo [11:36am]: i like naka
drabthehours [11:36am]: haha, he's so good.
ForRelaxingTimes [11:36am]: loger moore
Tombo [11:37am]: hahaha
mysterygo [11:37am]: do you mean ore or roger moore haha!!
mysterygo [11:37am]: *more
ForRelaxingTimes [11:37am]: notice the guys is the back are cracking up
LostCalls [11:37am]: for some reason, when i was at a baseball game at the tokyo dome, i felt compelled to yell out LOGER MOORE
ForRelaxingTimes [11:37am]: in*
mysterygo [11:37am]: lol
LostCalls [11:37am]: because i couldn't think of other things to shout
drabthehours [11:37am]: Well you saw the making of extra...sofia screwed up the take by laughing at him
mysterygo [11:37am]: i was on her website earlier
ForRelaxingTimes [11:38am]: and I thought american baseball is boring, I couldnt imagine jap baseball
LostCalls [11:38am]: it is the least boring thing ever
LostCalls [11:38am]: then again, i like american baseball
drabthehours claps for Sausalito.
ForRelaxingTimes [11:39am]: haha the excercise machine
Tombo [11:39am]: hysterical
Pitman [11:39am]: excercise for me now
drabthehours [11:39am]: an jyo kore
LostCalls [11:39am]: the fact that the insides of the elevator doors are mirrored somehow makes things more resonant
drabthehours [11:40am]: binto up!
Pitman [11:40am]: HELP!
Pitman [11:40am]: lol
ForRelaxingTimes [11:40am]: what is she saying?
drabthehours [11:40am]: no idea
ForRelaxingTimes [11:40am]: anyone fluent in japanese here?
Tombo [11:40am]: the limp!
Pitman [11:40am]: he's in rough shape
mysterygo [11:40am]: how can a film be this perfect?
LostCalls [11:40am]: hiyah!
Pitman [11:41am]: i always see an odd reflection in this scene
drabthehours [11:41am]: I love how the camera focuses completely on charlotte's reations there
ForRelaxingTimes [11:41am]: giovanni ribisi is quite an odd character
Pitman [11:41am]: she is not amused
mysterygo [11:41am]: is that cd real?
ForRelaxingTimes [11:42am]: I hope not
ForRelaxingTimes [11:42am]: looks ike woody allen
mysterygo [11:42am]: yeah lol
Tombo [11:42am]: he does
samwright8380 [11:42am]: i like the cherry blossom hanging from the light...
ForRelaxingTimes [11:43am]: whats it like workin wit kean reeves?"
Tombo [11:43am]: flower arranging
LostCalls [11:43am]: ikebana!
drabthehours [11:43am]: Mmm kevin shields
ForRelaxingTimes [11:44am]: I could listen to japenese attempt english all day lol
Pitman [11:44am]: perfect again
Tombo [11:44am]: i love the way she says hello...
LostCalls [11:44am]: yes
Pitman [11:44am]: umm
Tombo [11:44am]: scarlett,that is...
mysterygo [11:44am]: i think i'm ahead of everyone else
Pitman [11:44am]: hi ok
Pitman [11:44am]: mystery pause for a bit
ForRelaxingTimes [11:44am]: just switched to the bathtub scene here
Pitman [11:45am]: ya
Pitman [11:45am]: me too
ForRelaxingTimes [11:45am]: now watching tv
Tombo [11:45am]: god-damn,i'm smitten again
Pitman [11:45am]: tv
System Msg: chrispol's session has expired on Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:45 am
Tombo [11:45am]: tv
mysterygo [11:45am]: vodka tonic
Pitman [11:45am]: they are watching the same thing
System Msg: chrispol has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:45 am
drabthehours [11:45am]: Japanese Whose Line Is it?
ForRelaxingTimes [11:45am]: Ive always wanted to see the seven samurai
LostCalls [11:45am]: does anyone know what film that is?
LostCalls [11:45am]: is it seven samurai?
Pitman [11:45am]: could be
Tombo [11:45am]: he got married a coupla times
Pitman [11:45am]: great entrance!
ForRelaxingTimes [11:45am]: I think so
mysterygo [11:46am]: i'll won't pause, i'll only make it worse
ForRelaxingTimes [11:46am]: For relaxing times..
LostCalls [11:46am]: is he talking about tom cruise there?
Tombo [11:46am]: make it suntory time!
Pitman [11:46am]: stereo
Pitman [11:46am]: lol
Pitman [11:46am]: great lok Bob gave there
Tombo [11:46am]: yeah,tom cruise!
mysterygo [11:46am]: i like that japanese bar attendent
Pitman [11:46am]: is it wrong to like him?
ForRelaxingTimes [11:47am]: have any of you seen the latest scarlett movie?
Tombo [11:47am]: the acting is so natural
ForRelaxingTimes [11:47am]: forgot what it is called
Tombo [11:47am]: hahahaha
Pitman [11:47am]: i think i've been in a mid-life crises since i was 20
mysterygo [11:48am]: same here
Tombo [11:48am]: i was 13
drabthehours [11:48am]: cheers to that
LostCalls [11:48am]: kampai!
Pitman [11:48am]: she's so much older than 17 in this movie
mysterygo [11:48am]: i've got guitar hero which is similar to that guitar game
Tombo [11:48am]: the nanny diaries?
ForRelaxingTimes [11:49am]: haha the look on bills face in the pool!
Pitman [11:49am]: great sound here
mysterygo [11:49am]: not tried it with a cigarette hanging out my mouth though
Pitman [11:49am]: under the water
ForRelaxingTimes [11:49am]: priceless
ForRelaxingTimes [11:49am]: now thats guitar hero...
drabthehours [11:50am]: Are those macaroni or drum sticks?
mysterygo [11:50am]: i just paused it for a bit
System Msg: samwright8380 has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:50 am
Tombo [11:50am]: tokyo doesnt have a smoking ban,obviously
ForRelaxingTimes [11:50am]: I wonder how time he spent on that button game to get that good?
drabthehours [11:50am]: Take me with you!
samwright8380 [11:50am]: i had a go with th€ drumstick gam€
LostCalls [11:50am]: take me with you
LostCalls [11:51am]: there's another of those focus shifts at the window
Tombo [11:51am]: how can he not want her to come?
Pitman [11:51am]: he's blind
Pitman [11:51am]: even though he's a photographer
LostCalls [11:51am]: and maybe anorexic
Tombo [11:51am]: and stupid
LostCalls [11:51am]: ha
Pitman [11:51am]: lol
ForRelaxingTimes [11:51am]: that window scene looks like it had been taken straight out of bladerunner
LostCalls [11:52am]: yes, kelli's dad actually fought against the replicants
Tombo [11:52am]: haahha
drabthehours [11:52am]: heh
ForRelaxingTimes [11:52am]: Know what Im sayin? Charlott: No...
Pitman [11:52am]: b-bop boy
Pitman [11:52am]: hella large
System Msg: Flyonthewall has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:53 am
Tombo [11:53am]: prison break!
LostCalls [11:53am]: one of my favorite lins
drabthehours [11:53am]: Hi Fly
LostCalls [11:53am]: lines
Flyonthewall [11:53am]: GAH..better late than never Smile
Tombo [11:53am]: hey fly
Pitman [11:53am]: i should use that line sometime
Flyonthewall [11:53am]: lol
Flyonthewall [11:54am]: What part of the movie are we in?
Pitman [11:54am]: still in her pink undies
mysterygo [11:54am]: hi!
Pitman [11:54am]: does she change them?
drabthehours [11:54am]: John is just about to leave
LostCalls [11:54am]: she probably has many superman suits
drabthehours [11:54am]: With the Cristal
Flyonthewall [11:54am]: kk Wink
LostCalls [11:54am]: oh boy
Pitman [11:54am]: john leaves
mysterygo [11:54am]: i'm behind now haha! my sister wanted a hot water bottle
LostCalls [11:54am]: squarepusher
ForRelaxingTimes [11:54am]: squarepusher
Pitman [11:54am]: yep
Tombo [11:55am]: yeh,brilliant
Pitman [11:55am]: awesome scene
ForRelaxingTimes [11:55am]: jinx
Flyonthewall [11:55am]: love that scene.. made me fall in love with Charlotte
Pitman [11:55am]: she is lonely
Pitman [11:55am]: toe looks good!
LostCalls [11:55am]: this scene is just floating
Pitman [11:55am]: coming to the karaoke scene soon!
Tombo [11:55am]: the whole thing's just so great
LostCalls [11:55am]: and perfect going into the pool meeting
drabthehours [11:56am]: so awkward
Tombo [11:56am]: yeah
LostCalls [11:56am]: yet so...amazing
ForRelaxingTimes [11:56am]: Trivia question!
Tombo [11:56am]: ok
Pitman [11:56am]: what is the beat that Bob hammers on the door?
ForRelaxingTimes [11:56am]: What song does bob sing when in the Karoke scene?
ForRelaxingTimes [11:57am]: wipe out
Pitman [11:57am]: oh ya
Tombo [11:57am]: 1st date nerves
Pitman [11:57am]: he sings two songs
ForRelaxingTimes [11:57am]: the song featured on the soundtrack I mean
ForRelaxingTimes [11:57am]: sorry
Pitman [11:57am]: more than this
LostCalls [11:57am]: more than this by roxy music
Tombo [11:57am]: more than this
Pitman [11:58am]: love this music too
Tombo [11:58am]: balloons!
Pitman [11:58am]: great entrance into the night out!
ForRelaxingTimes [11:58am]: yes
LostCalls [11:58am]: oh man
samwright8380 [11:58am]: the song in the club is only the last 30 seconds of the chemical brothers....
LostCalls [11:58am]: the scene is starting!!
ForRelaxingTimes [11:58am]: I want to go club hopping in tokyo now
Pitman [11:58am]: this is my fav. segment of the movie - the whole Tokyo night out
ForRelaxingTimes [11:58am]: that would be so much fun
LostCalls [11:58am]: indeed
LostCalls [11:59am]: what sucks though is that the subways stop running at midnight
Tombo [11:59am]: is it wrong to like the girl with the furry hat?
LostCalls [11:59am]: and cabs are very pricey
Flyonthewall [11:59am]: wish id gone to Toklyo..
mysterygo [11:59am]: this is perfect
Pitman [11:59am]: i like her too!!
ForRelaxingTimes [11:59am]: its never wrong to like attractive asian women tombo
Pitman [11:59am]: we are all there now!
LostCalls [11:59am]: i'm with you on fuzzy hat
Flyonthewall [11:59am]: Heh yah.. too true Pit
Tombo [11:59am]: it is perfect
Pitman [11:59am]: he's a character...
mysterygo [12:00pm]: i haven't got to fuzzy hat yet lol
ForRelaxingTimes [12:00pm]: what the hell kind of bee bee gun is that?
Pitman [12:00pm]: i think the hat moves around in the karaoke bar
Flyonthewall [12:00pm]: bb guns got muzzle flashes.. wierd lol
Tombo [12:00pm]: is it like plastic bullets?
Pitman [12:00pm]: run run!
drabthehours [12:00pm]: Only in Japan
ForRelaxingTimes [12:00pm]: Hey our tour guide!
Pitman [12:01pm]: party
LostCalls [12:01pm]: gorgeous
Tombo [12:01pm]: cool place
Pitman [12:01pm]: blonde and a black
Flyonthewall [12:01pm]: Blonde and Black.. cheezo
drabthehours [12:01pm]: That guy creeps me out
Flyonthewall [12:01pm]: Japaneze guy named Hans?
ForRelaxingTimes [12:01pm]: have you guys watched through the entire credits? If not, at the end you'll see a picture from this party
Flyonthewall [12:02pm]: hehe
mysterygo [12:02pm]: does he actually say that tour guide bit?
Tombo [12:02pm]: really?
ForRelaxingTimes [12:02pm]: just thought I'd share that
LostCalls [12:02pm]: phoenix!
ForRelaxingTimes [12:02pm]: yeah
Pitman [12:02pm]: pull down her shirt!
ForRelaxingTimes [12:02pm]: yes he does
Flyonthewall [12:02pm]: is sophia's Hubby the lead singer of Phoenix?
samwright8380 [12:02pm]: yeah
Pitman [12:02pm]: here we gooooooo
LostCalls [12:02pm]: i do not think so
Pitman [12:02pm]: ya!!!
ForRelaxingTimes [12:02pm]: poential AAAisHH boawmb!
Pitman [12:02pm]: whoo hoooo!!!
Pitman [12:03pm]: fur hat girl!
ForRelaxingTimes [12:03pm]: what song is bob singing there?
LostCalls [12:03pm]: what's so funny about peace love and understanding
drabthehours [12:03pm]: PEace Love and Understanding by Elvis Costello
Flyonthewall [12:03pm]: first glimpse of Charlotte's pink wig..
ForRelaxingTimes [12:03pm]: by who?
ForRelaxingTimes [12:03pm]: ah
Pitman [12:03pm]: but it wasn't written by him
Tombo [12:03pm]: this is so great
LostCalls [12:03pm]: i don't think elvis costello wrote it
Pitman [12:03pm]: nope
LostCalls [12:04pm]: brass
Flyonthewall [12:04pm]: Shes winkin at me... *blush
Pitman [12:04pm]: sexy wig
Tombo [12:04pm]: gonna use mah sidestep
mysterygo [12:04pm]: nice
drabthehours [12:04pm]: More focus work when she sings special
ForRelaxingTimes [12:04pm]: BobL special?
Tombo [12:04pm]: GIVE IT TO ME!!!
Flyonthewall [12:04pm]: special...
drabthehours [12:04pm]: in and out
LostCalls [12:04pm]: yes
Flyonthewall [12:04pm]: nice Tom
ForRelaxingTimes [12:04pm]: I need suntory..
LostCalls [12:04pm]: oh man
LostCalls [12:04pm]: this is kiler
LostCalls [12:04pm]: killer
LostCalls [12:04pm]: god lord
Pitman [12:04pm]: get ready for the killer look from Charlotte
ForRelaxingTimes [12:05pm]: Have any of you had suntory?
Tombo [12:05pm]: i need an oxygen mask
Pitman [12:05pm]: not yet
LostCalls [12:05pm]: yes
Flyonthewall [12:05pm]: This is where I read where they fall in love.. that look from her
ForRelaxingTimes [12:05pm]: yeah that look gets me everytime
ForRelaxingTimes [12:05pm]: is it any good?
Tombo [12:05pm]: OMG
LostCalls [12:05pm]: the focus!
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Pitman [12:05pm]: now clear
Pitman [12:05pm]: shy
Pitman [12:05pm]: wow
ForRelaxingTimes [12:06pm]: lostcalls, is Suntory any good?
Flyonthewall [12:06pm]: *sigh
LostCalls [12:06pm]: (suntory makes lots of stuff...not just the whiskey...i've had their beer)
Pitman [12:06pm]: *sigh here too
Tombo [12:06pm]: just like when u first fall 4 someone
LostCalls [12:06pm]: the beer is kind of standard
Pitman [12:06pm]: that was the climax for me
LostCalls [12:06pm]: i've actually not had the whiskey
Pitman [12:06pm]: the cig scene is like they just had sex
Flyonthewall [12:06pm]: yep Tom and the lil head on the shoulder.. gets me
LostCalls [12:06pm]: oh! the head on the shoulder
ForRelaxingTimes [12:06pm]: hmm, I wonder if it can be bought here in the states
Pitman [12:06pm]: MBV
Tombo [12:06pm]: not the final scene,pitman?
LostCalls [12:07pm]: rainbow bridge
Flyonthewall [12:07pm]: Then the MBV song..
Pitman [12:07pm]: great scene back to the hotel
Pitman [12:07pm]: the last scene is climax #2
LostCalls [12:07pm]: see, i don't know where they were there
Tombo [12:07pm]: hahaha
Pitman [12:07pm]: multiple know?
samwright8380 [12:07pm]: i like how the music is muffled in the background when he carries her...nice touch
LostCalls [12:07pm]: because daiba is kind of far from shinjuku where the park hyatt is
Flyonthewall [12:07pm]: 2nd one for you too eh? lol
Tombo [12:07pm]: I thought they were mythical
System Msg: chrispol has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 23, 2007 12:07 pm
Pitman [12:08pm]: what a transition!
Pitman [12:08pm]: the hall sound..
drabthehours [12:08pm]: brilliant
Tombo [12:08pm]: hummmmmm
Flyonthewall [12:08pm]: yep
LostCalls [12:08pm]: now this is more tension!
Pitman [12:08pm]: this is a movie of brilliant transitions
Pitman [12:08pm]: belly
Tombo [12:08pm]: I'd be VERY tempted
Pitman [12:08pm]: now no belly
LostCalls [12:08pm]: yes, this is a real test of character
Flyonthewall [12:08pm]: this is why you know its deeper than just physical between them
LostCalls [12:09pm]: or restraint, i guess
LostCalls [12:09pm]: indeed
Flyonthewall [12:09pm]: he couldve but he didnt
Tombo [12:09pm]: what a gentleman
Pitman [12:09pm]: Bob really cares for her
LostCalls [12:09pm]: but the little hand tap on her shoulder
LostCalls [12:09pm]: oh man
LostCalls [12:09pm]: that gets me
Tombo [12:09pm]: he's walking back thinking...why didnt I?
Flyonthewall [12:09pm]: yep the shoulder thing.. and the foot thing later.. proves a ton of things between them
LostCalls [12:09pm]: totally
LostCalls [12:10pm]: the contact is made to seem casual but it belies so much more
Pitman [12:10pm]: i've never watched this movie during the's strange
drabthehours [12:10pm]: I think that's why him sleeping with the lounge singer is important
LostCalls [12:10pm]: i agree
Flyonthewall [12:10pm]: this lady reminds me of how my ex used to talk to me.. lol
LostCalls [12:10pm]: daylight is messing with me
drabthehours [12:10pm]: Because it shows he is capable and lacks restraint, but not with Charlotte
ForRelaxingTimes [12:10pm]: bob sounds so incoherent in that scene lol
Tombo [12:10pm]: its 10 past 9 here and dark
Pitman [12:11pm]: tombo...did u pick the time?? lol
LostCalls [12:11pm]: you're in the uk, yes, tombo?
Tombo [12:11pm]: yep,uk
LostCalls [12:11pm]: cool
Tombo [12:11pm]: haha
Flyonthewall [12:11pm]: "That was a stupid idea"
Pitman [12:11pm]: great shot
ForRelaxingTimes [12:11pm]: is it me or does lidia sounds like a real bitch throught this movie
Pitman [12:12pm]: nice fade out
samwright8380 [12:12pm]: watch the ball disappear...
Pitman [12:12pm]: she is controlling
LostCalls [12:12pm]: and concerned
Flyonthewall [12:12pm]: that phone call is prolly why I related to this movie so much.. LMAO
Tombo [12:12pm]: we've all made that call at one point or another,no?
Flyonthewall [12:12pm]: Too true Tombo
Pitman [12:12pm]: HIT
Tombo [12:12pm]: brack toe comin up
Pitman [12:12pm]: yum
LostCalls [12:13pm]: oh yeah
ForRelaxingTimes [12:13pm]: haha brack toe! scene
Flyonthewall [12:13pm]: hehe yep
ForRelaxingTimes [12:13pm]: sounds tasty
LostCalls [12:13pm]: charlotte's laughter here is so great
Flyonthewall [12:13pm]: how do you say no?
LostCalls [12:13pm]: awww
Pitman [12:13pm]: this scene sounds mostly adlib
Tombo [12:14pm]: yeah
ForRelaxingTimes [12:14pm]: I was watching bizzare foods with andrew zimmerman and he had gone to tokyo and they eat some crazy meals
Flyonthewall [12:14pm]: switched to sake?
Pitman [12:14pm]: no don't!
Tombo [12:14pm]: I wonder how much was adlibbed?
Pitman [12:14pm]: she was really scared
samwright8380 [12:14pm]: this was the first scene they shot
Pitman [12:14pm]: was it?
Flyonthewall [12:14pm]: 1st scene?
samwright8380 [12:15pm]: on the first day of see it in the making of
LostCalls [12:15pm]: puaba, puaba, puaba!
Flyonthewall [12:15pm]: nice
mysterygo [12:15pm]: that guy with the plaster on his head looks really out of it, not sure he should be allowed out
ForRelaxingTimes [12:15pm]: They probably didn't even need a script, just follow Bill and everything will be fine lol
Flyonthewall [12:15pm]: I gotta see the behind the scenes again
Tombo [12:15pm]: watch the 2 girls behind bill and the japenese guy
Flyonthewall [12:15pm]: oooh.. the two ladies in the background
ForRelaxingTimes [12:15pm]: no nee nane induska
samwright8380 [12:15pm]: remember the photo of bob buying the owl?
Pitman [12:15pm]: lol
mysterygo [12:15pm]: yeah haha
Pitman [12:15pm]: noname in deska
Tombo [12:16pm]: they're cracking up!
ForRelaxingTimes [12:16pm]: "hows that song go?"
Flyonthewall [12:16pm]: uppuh
Pitman [12:16pm]: apper
Tombo [12:16pm]: hahahah
Pitman [12:16pm]: lol
Pitman [12:16pm]: nonne
samwright8380 [12:16pm]: how long have you been in japan...
Flyonthewall [12:16pm]: nannen
Flyonthewall [12:16pm]: LMAO]
LostCalls [12:16pm]: he totally notices the women
Pitman [12:16pm]: love the ladies in the back
Pitman [12:16pm]: he's playing to them
Tombo [12:16pm]: yeah,he does
Flyonthewall [12:16pm]: it can be
mysterygo [12:17pm]: looks like he turned that man into an owl
Flyonthewall [12:17pm]: were they holding hands walking back?
LostCalls [12:17pm]: so sweet
drabthehours [12:17pm]: Hard to tell.
Tombo [12:17pm]: notice how john
ForRelaxingTimes [12:17pm]: alittle egocentric are we john?
Tombo [12:17pm]: yep
drabthehours [12:17pm]: Maybe just arm in arm?
Flyonthewall [12:17pm]: club
Pitman [12:17pm]: orange!
Tombo [12:17pm]: thats what i was gonna say!
samwright8380 [12:17pm]: this place in real life is tiny
LostCalls [12:17pm]: love the sky though bob's window at the end of that last scene
Tombo [12:17pm]: great song!
Pitman [12:17pm]: even this song is perfect!
samwright8380 [12:17pm]: the cameraman must have been outside the doorway...
ForRelaxingTimes [12:18pm]: as much as I dont want to say that song was stuck in my head for the longest time.
Pitman [12:18pm]: what a cameo for this naked performer!
LostCalls [12:18pm]: it's a catchy lick
LostCalls [12:18pm]: the song, i mean
mysterygo [12:18pm]: sat on his hands lol
Pitman [12:18pm]: lol
Flyonthewall [12:18pm]: lol.. noticed that too mystery..
Tombo [12:18pm]: this is a great scene
Flyonthewall [12:18pm]: Id go with her anywhere
Pitman [12:18pm]: is it wrong to like the strippers?
LostCalls [12:19pm]: HA
Pitman [12:19pm]: lol
LostCalls [12:19pm]: say hi
ForRelaxingTimes [12:19pm]: as long as you tip well..
Tombo [12:19pm]: its wrong NOT to like the strippers
LostCalls [12:19pm]: hiii
mysterygo [12:19pm]: is that scene at the start the end of the movie?
Flyonthewall [12:19pm]: Ahhhh Kelly
LostCalls [12:19pm]: tipping isn't done very much in japan
ForRelaxingTimes [12:19pm]: I really don't like her.
LostCalls [12:19pm]: i don't know about for strippers though
mysterygo [12:19pm]: there's a guy completely knocked out at the bar there
drabthehours [12:20pm]: Yeah, he must completely wasted to sleep through that
ForRelaxingTimes [12:20pm]: haha yeah
LostCalls [12:20pm]: here we are
LostCalls [12:20pm]: our name
mysterygo [12:20pm]: lol
Tombo [12:20pm]: heres ANOTHER great scene
Pitman [12:20pm]: and music
LostCalls [12:20pm]: this is us
Flyonthewall [12:20pm]: The next great scenes
Pitman [12:20pm]: this really punctuates the movie
ForRelaxingTimes [12:20pm]: I could fall asleep to this music
Pitman [12:20pm]: it's central to its theme
drabthehours [12:21pm]: more kevin shields
LostCalls [12:21pm]: or stay awake to it
ForRelaxingTimes [12:21pm]: I agree
LostCalls [12:21pm]: from: mr. harris
Pitman [12:21pm]: who pop that envelope through?
Flyonthewall [12:21pm]: These next scenes really make me envious of Bob...
Tombo [12:21pm]: me too
mysterygo [12:21pm]: anyone tried sake?
Pitman [12:21pm]: i just dowloaded this movie, haven't seen it yet
ForRelaxingTimes [12:21pm]: probably just a park hyatt employee
LostCalls [12:21pm]: yep
Pitman [12:22pm]: i love sake
Pitman [12:22pm]: anyone drink from a wooden square cup?
Tombo [12:22pm]: curious...are we all middle aged guys here?
Flyonthewall [12:22pm]: nah. not yet Pit.. gonna try it when I get there
mysterygo [12:22pm]: i'm only 22 :p
Flyonthewall [12:22pm]: Prolly Tom..
Pitman [12:22pm]: age..probably..tombo
Flyonthewall [12:22pm]: ah.. nm then lol
drabthehours [12:23pm]: Let's never come here again
Pitman [12:23pm]: great shot
Flyonthewall [12:23pm]: youre the boss
Pitman [12:23pm]: in the glass
Tombo [12:23pm]: what agreat line
LostCalls [12:23pm]: beautiful shot
ForRelaxingTimes [12:24pm]: "The more you know who you are and what you want, the less things upset you." very good line
Pitman [12:24pm]: yes, great line...
Tombo [12:24pm]: and true
Pitman [12:24pm]: i'm stuck on the first part still
Flyonthewall [12:24pm]: Very true.. another line I related too
LostCalls [12:24pm]: me too, pitman
LostCalls [12:24pm]: but i'm not worried about you
Pitman [12:25pm]: lol
Pitman [12:25pm]: thanks
Pitman [12:25pm]: this is so personal
Tombo [12:25pm]: this is so true of marriage...
ForRelaxingTimes [12:26pm]: marriage, what a trivial thing
Flyonthewall [12:26pm]: "she doesnt need me to be there.."
Pitman [12:26pm]: it's amazing how two people can come together like this and be so open with each other
Tombo [12:26pm]: ...and of kids
Tombo [12:26pm]: yeah
Pitman [12:26pm]: if only...
Flyonthewall [12:26pm]: very true line about kids...
LostCalls [12:26pm]: i think the openness comes in part from the situation of both being in a foreign place
Tombo [12:27pm]: yeah
Pitman [12:27pm]: i need to get out more...
Tombo [12:27pm]: and feeling dislocated
LostCalls [12:27pm]: the toes!
LostCalls [12:27pm]: you're not hopeless
Pitman [12:27pm]: fade out
Flyonthewall [12:27pm]: love this hand to feet.. a lot of significance
samwright8380 [12:27pm]: one of my favorite scenes.....the cinematography is so beautiful
Tombo [12:27pm]: Kyoto!!!
mysterygo [12:27pm]: has anyone gone out somewhere listening to the LIT soundtrack?
Pitman [12:27pm]: and into antoher brilliant scene
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System Msg: chrispol has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 23, 2007 12:28 pm
Pitman [12:28pm]: i always thought this was like a music video
ForRelaxingTimes [12:28pm]: yep, this is probably my favorite track
drabthehours [12:28pm]: all the time
LostCalls [12:28pm]: when i went on the shinkansen to kyoto, it was much too hazy to see fuji
Flyonthewall [12:28pm]: Yes mystery.. went to the beach.. listenening to this very track
Tombo [12:28pm]: oh,yeah-in the car
ForRelaxingTimes [12:28pm]: how long were you in japan lostcalls?
Flyonthewall [12:28pm]: very surreal to hear the ocean with this music
samwright8380 [12:28pm]: saw it really clearly both directions...
LostCalls [12:28pm]: only 8 days
mysterygo [12:28pm]: it's hard to describe isn't it, i sometimes listen in the car at twilight
samwright8380 [12:28pm]: nanzenji temple
LostCalls [12:28pm]: yep
Tombo [12:28pm]: gotta go one day
ForRelaxingTimes [12:28pm]: I will go one of these days
LostCalls [12:28pm]: here's the Dreams reference that i love
Pitman [12:29pm]: me too
Flyonthewall [12:29pm]: I dont care if I go broke. im gonna hafta go one day too
Tombo [12:29pm]: but you'd expect to see bob and charlotte there!
ForRelaxingTimes [12:29pm]: unless of course I die before hand, then it would be kind of hard
Pitman [12:29pm]: i don't know if i'd want to go alone though
ForRelaxingTimes [12:29pm]: but other than that nothing is stopping me!
Flyonthewall [12:29pm]: lol. yah.. death would be a bit of a downer
LostCalls [12:30pm]: this place is so lovely
mysterygo [12:30pm]: there should be a LIT forum fan trip to japan :p
samwright8380 [12:30pm]: i always go alone...its become part of it
LostCalls [12:30pm]: no kidding
Tombo [12:30pm]: we'll have to organise an LIT excursion
Flyonthewall [12:30pm]: Im in..
ForRelaxingTimes [12:30pm]: not a bad idea!
samwright8380 [12:30pm]: heian jingu
Pitman [12:30pm]: sam, do u speak any japanese?
Tombo [12:30pm]: tiny razor
LostCalls [12:30pm]: north by northwest
samwright8380 [12:30pm]: not a word.....its an experience getting by!
Pitman [12:30pm]: loved the way bob blinked in the mirror
ForRelaxingTimes [12:31pm]: watashi wa Kyel Des. only line I know lol
LostCalls [12:31pm]: i can order food and ask where things are
LostCalls [12:31pm]: and introduce myself
Pitman [12:31pm]: i am kyel des?
LostCalls [12:31pm]: and then say, "I'm sorry; I don't understand Japanese"
samwright8380 [12:31pm]: if i ever go deaf, i've got some inventive sign language to fall back on!
ForRelaxingTimes [12:31pm]: lol
drabthehours [12:31pm]: Dare ni mukate mono itten daiyo
LostCalls [12:32pm]: HAAHA
drabthehours [12:32pm]: "Who do you think you're talking to?"
Tombo [12:32pm]: what does that mean?
ForRelaxingTimes [12:32pm]: my name is kyel.
Pitman [12:32pm]: watashi wa nihongoga scotha wakarimas
ForRelaxingTimes [12:32pm]: something like that
mysterygo [12:32pm]: he's insane!
ForRelaxingTimes [12:32pm]: hahaha mathews best hits!
drabthehours [12:32pm]: He's the Johnny Carson of Japan!
Tombo [12:32pm]: he's crazy
Pitman [12:32pm]: is it wrong to like Bob friend here?
LostCalls [12:32pm]: he's going to show bob his japanese dance
mysterygo [12:32pm]: lol
Flyonthewall [12:32pm]: japanese Johnny
Pitman [12:33pm]: the translator!
samwright8380 [12:33pm]: i think ''youre not hopless'' is the end of the first part of the is the interlude
ForRelaxingTimes [12:33pm]: tong tong tong tong! *claps*
ForRelaxingTimes [12:33pm]: that laugh hahahahaha
Pitman [12:33pm]: lol
Pitman [12:33pm]: what a laugh
Tombo [12:33pm]: yeah-i'd go with that
Flyonthewall [12:33pm]: lol
Tombo [12:33pm]: this bit is great acting
LostCalls [12:33pm]: rememberance of cheezo past
Pitman [12:33pm]: my least fav scene in the movie
Tombo [12:34pm]: really?
Pitman [12:34pm]: ya
mysterygo [12:34pm]: it's strange how sometimes you can really understand this stuff, and other times you're in your own little world, like bob and his wife are
Tombo [12:34pm]: it's so true though
ForRelaxingTimes [12:34pm]: matthew reminds me of Long duck dong off of sixteen candles
Flyonthewall [12:34pm]: "its always a good time..." he's so done with her
LostCalls [12:34pm]: he doesn't want all that pasta
ForRelaxingTimes [12:35pm]: yeah, clogs ya up..
Tombo [12:35pm]: she sounds like his mom
Flyonthewall [12:35pm]: stay there and you can have it everyday
ForRelaxingTimes [12:35pm]: wow that sounds like a really strained relationship
mysterygo [12:35pm]: he must really like it flipping over lol
Pitman [12:35pm]: sad
Pitman [12:35pm]: he is not happy
Tombo [12:35pm]: for sure
LostCalls [12:36pm]: deutch
Flyonthewall [12:36pm]: yep.. definitely brings back memories of my marriage lol
Pitman [12:36pm]: this is an odd scene
ForRelaxingTimes [12:36pm]: lol bobs face in the camera on matt's tv show
Tombo [12:36pm]: here comes the hussy...
LostCalls [12:36pm]: (BIG surprise)
Pitman [12:36pm]: no no! not sausolito!!!!
Flyonthewall [12:36pm]: lol.. u guys ever think he slept with the singer cuz Charlotte wasnt in town that night? she was in Kyoto right?
Tombo [12:36pm]: too late!!!
Pitman [12:36pm]: bob ...stay away from that skank!
ForRelaxingTimes [12:36pm]: saussolito is lookin for some action!
LostCalls [12:36pm]: ugh
Flyonthewall [12:36pm]: he already misses her
LostCalls [12:37pm]: he should have punched her in the face and done his own driving
Pitman [12:37pm]: lol
LostCalls [12:37pm]: i...don't know what that meant
Pitman [12:37pm]: hide bob
Tombo [12:37pm]: sausolito=physical charlotte=emotional?
ForRelaxingTimes [12:37pm]: lol "had a rough night" Bob:"...."
Flyonthewall [12:37pm]: why didnt they go to her room lol
mysterygo [12:37pm]: i'm glad i'm not married
Pitman [12:37pm]: Charlotte is hurt
Tombo [12:38pm]: hahaha
LostCalls [12:38pm]: damn that is tough
Pitman [12:38pm]: i'm not married either
ForRelaxingTimes [12:38pm]: it looks like they are just eating bacon in that restaurant they go to.
Flyonthewall [12:38pm]: yah that was a tough look to tolerate from charlotte
Tombo [12:38pm]: me neither! once bitten...
mysterygo [12:38pm]: will you ever get married?
ForRelaxingTimes [12:38pm]: probably not
Pitman [12:38pm]: i was married for 3 months
LostCalls [12:38pm]: it's just thinly sliced pork
Tombo [12:38pm]: who,me?
Pitman [12:38pm]: lol
mysterygo [12:38pm]: i know i won't
LostCalls [12:38pm]: so it's basically bacon...but not really
ForRelaxingTimes [12:39pm]: why do you think 60% marriages don't work?
Pitman [12:39pm]: what's with the hand motion for beer?
Tombo [12:39pm]: married for ten,single on and off since 93
drabthehours [12:39pm]: he wants a big beer
LostCalls [12:39pm]: i think bob just made it up
ForRelaxingTimes [12:39pm]: marriage is just a social norm that people have been accustomed to
Tombo [12:40pm]: don't blame him
Flyonthewall [12:40pm]: married for 14.. single for about 1 year now
ForRelaxingTimes [12:40pm]: I'd rather have bastard children lol
Pitman [12:40pm]: is it wrong to like the waitresses here?
LostCalls [12:40pm]: (for thoughts on marriage, you should listen to/watch the sondheim musical COMPANY)
LostCalls [12:40pm]: this line
LostCalls [12:40pm]: for me
Pitman [12:40pm]: love the firemen garb
LostCalls [12:40pm]: says everything
Flyonthewall [12:40pm]: my next favorite scenes are coming up Smile
mysterygo [12:40pm]: he almost breaks up when he says tomorrow
Tombo [12:41pm]: yeah
ForRelaxingTimes [12:41pm]: I love this jazz pianist
ForRelaxingTimes [12:41pm]: coming up
drabthehours [12:41pm]: Mark Willms
ForRelaxingTimes [12:41pm]: I have been trying to find a copy of that song everywhere
drabthehours [12:41pm]: aka the Woo hoo Guy
ForRelaxingTimes [12:41pm]: yeah
Pitman [12:41pm]: he choked a bit
Tombo [12:41pm]: me 2
drabthehours [12:41pm]: There's a thread I posted about me contacting him
Flyonthewall [12:41pm]: he did choke a bit
Tombo [12:41pm]: he did
LostCalls [12:41pm]: oh man
Pitman [12:41pm]: woo hoo!!
Flyonthewall [12:41pm]: Woo hoo
mysterygo [12:41pm]: lol
LostCalls [12:41pm]: that was a good thread
LostCalls [12:41pm]: very informative
samwright8380 [12:41pm]: lol
drabthehours [12:41pm]: He said the perfomance was owned by Sofia so it was up to her to release it
ForRelaxingTimes [12:42pm]: I read it, and then I cursed multiple times.
Tombo [12:42pm]: they so want each other
LostCalls [12:42pm]: hahaha
mysterygo [12:42pm]: somehow i've got ahead again, even though i was way behind earlier
Tombo [12:42pm]: lift scene
Flyonthewall [12:42pm]: I wouldnt want to leave either
mysterygo [12:42pm]: awkward now lol
Tombo [12:42pm]: yeah
Pitman [12:42pm]: he does motion
Pitman [12:42pm]: le'ts go...
LostCalls [12:42pm]: oh my god
LostCalls [12:42pm]: he does
mysterygo [12:42pm]: with his head?
Tombo [12:42pm]: he does?
Flyonthewall [12:43pm]: these lil looks in the elevator.. they so want to
Pitman [12:43pm]: yeah and eyes
LostCalls [12:43pm]: yes
LostCalls [12:43pm]: oh man
LostCalls [12:43pm]: i'm sorry...this is too much
Tombo [12:43pm]: moments gone
ForRelaxingTimes [12:43pm]: you know what's sad..
Pitman [12:43pm]: he almost followed her out
ForRelaxingTimes [12:43pm]: I hear Bill isn't making movies anymore
Tombo [12:43pm]: yeah,he did!
mysterygo [12:43pm]: i don't want this film to finish
Pitman [12:43pm]: i never want this film to end
Flyonthewall [12:44pm]: I wanted it to go on too
LostCalls [12:44pm]: in a way, it doesn't
LostCalls [12:44pm]: it stays with you
ForRelaxingTimes [12:44pm]: "which you stole from me"
LostCalls [12:44pm]: the kick in the stomach
Tombo [12:44pm]: true
samwright8380 [12:44pm]: when i went to the hyatt the phone was still there...the only time i've ever considered stealing a phone....
Flyonthewall [12:44pm]: enjoy the jacket which you stole from me
LostCalls [12:44pm]: ha
ForRelaxingTimes [12:44pm]: haha
Pitman [12:44pm]: next time sam!
Flyonthewall [12:44pm]: lol sam
Tombo [12:44pm]: is it wrong to want the groupie?
ForRelaxingTimes [12:44pm]: I probably would have
Pitman [12:45pm]: lol Tombo
mysterygo [12:45pm]: he's really suffering there
Flyonthewall [12:45pm]: shes better than the singer
Pitman [12:45pm]: it's wrong to want the lounge singer!
Flyonthewall [12:45pm]: the pain on his face
ForRelaxingTimes [12:45pm]: have a good Fright bob!
Flyonthewall [12:45pm]: and the shrug from Charlotte
mysterygo [12:45pm]: what's that guy doing when the lift closes and shows his reflection in the mirror?
Tombo [12:45pm]: i think the singer was a ladyboy
Pitman [12:45pm]: she wanted more
LostCalls [12:45pm]: oh man
LostCalls [12:45pm]: the reflection
Pitman [12:45pm]: now he realizes he did too
LostCalls [12:46pm]: when the doors close
Tombo [12:46pm]: the look
Flyonthewall [12:46pm]: yep Pit and she was dissapointed he didnt step up
drabthehours [12:46pm]: He's bowing
drabthehours [12:46pm]: Just like the lady is bowing when the car leaves
Tombo [12:46pm]: here it comes...
ForRelaxingTimes [12:46pm]: wow they must have been pissed when they got that pic developed, bob wasn't even looking.
mysterygo [12:46pm]: that makes sense then lol
Flyonthewall [12:46pm]: heres the finale
Pitman [12:46pm]: he sees her!
samwright8380 [12:46pm]: i took a picture of the street when i last went..i'll have to post it...
LostCalls [12:46pm]: yes
Pitman [12:46pm]: HEY YOU!
ForRelaxingTimes [12:46pm]: what are the odds..oh wait it's hollywood
Tombo [12:46pm]: hey you
mysterygo [12:46pm]: yeah, love to see it
LostCalls [12:46pm]: do it
Flyonthewall [12:47pm]: Id be running if I was Bob
Tombo [12:47pm]: omg...
Flyonthewall [12:47pm]: *sigh.. again
Pitman [12:47pm]: she's not alone
mysterygo [12:47pm]: i always wonder how people know what to do, but really know one knows what to do
Tombo [12:47pm]: they meant that kis...
Tombo [12:47pm]: kiss
Pitman [12:47pm]: kiss her eye!
ForRelaxingTimes [12:48pm]: classic scene
LostCalls [12:48pm]: bye
Pitman [12:48pm]: wow
Flyonthewall [12:48pm]: bye
Tombo [12:48pm]: listen to the girlll...
LostCalls [12:48pm]: crank it folks!
ForRelaxingTimes [12:48pm]: just like jelly..
Flyonthewall [12:48pm]: Shouldve turned back around and take her away..
ForRelaxingTimes [12:48pm]: I mean er.. honey
Pitman [12:48pm]: one of the best endings in film history
drabthehours [12:48pm]: "Okay."
drabthehours [12:48pm]: er, "Alright"
Flyonthewall [12:49pm]: but ... this endings better
Tombo [12:49pm]: for you...
Pitman [12:49pm]: what a difference in his face now
Pitman [12:49pm]: so relieved
Flyonthewall [12:49pm]: relief
Tombo [12:49pm]: yeah
mysterygo [12:49pm]: that's the best film ever
ForRelaxingTimes [12:49pm]: I remember that gut feeling I had when I first saw it in theaters
Tombo [12:49pm]: it's true
Flyonthewall [12:49pm]: ah.. my stomach hurts.. like ive been kicked or sumthin
Tombo [12:49pm]: yeah,me 2
LostCalls [12:50pm]: FujiYa
samwright8380 [12:50pm]: i wish i had seen this in the cinema...
Pitman [12:50pm]: my heart feels it
mysterygo [12:50pm]: i wish i saw it at the cinema, but it's difficult watching it with others
ForRelaxingTimes [12:50pm]: it was amazing.
LostCalls [12:50pm]: sofia coppola
Tombo [12:50pm]: know what u mean
samwright8380 [12:50pm]: where's it gone...!
Pitman [12:50pm]: i saw it in the theatre, but didn't get it till i saw it alone..
ForRelaxingTimes [12:50pm]: When I was there, their was only about 2 or 3 people in the theater so it didn't matter much
LostCalls [12:50pm]: i didn't see it in theatres, sadly
Flyonthewall [12:50pm]: this film seems like it would be more meaningful if it was seen alone.. I dunno
Tombo [12:50pm]: I'm gonna watch it again!
Pitman [12:51pm]: wait for the waving girl...
Pitman [12:51pm]: tombo, again ?
mysterygo [12:51pm]: my mate wanted to see it, i watch it with him with lashings of whisky, he justsaid that it was a nice little film
Flyonthewall [12:51pm]: waiting for the secret shots lol
ForRelaxingTimes [12:51pm]: yeah at the end of the credits their is a scene from the party
Tombo [12:51pm]: mysterygo-are u uk?
mysterygo [12:52pm]: yeah, isle of wight
LostCalls [12:52pm]: so, does the transcript of this chat get saved to the forum somewhere?
drabthehours [12:52pm]: Yeah, I'll post it
Tombo [12:52pm]: cool
drabthehours [12:52pm]: I've got it copied
Pitman [12:52pm]: isle of wight? so cool
LostCalls [12:52pm]: thank you!
Pitman [12:52pm]: john keats lived there for a bit
Tombo [12:52pm]: great festival
LostCalls [12:52pm]: i could rent a cottage there, if it's not too dear
LostCalls [12:52pm]: (sorry)
Tombo [12:52pm]: haha
mysterygo [12:52pm]: and that other poet guy :p
ForRelaxingTimes [12:53pm]: Join us next time with Lost In Translation 2: John's Revenge!
LostCalls [12:53pm]: not evelyn waugh
mysterygo [12:53pm]: what would everyone think if the made an LIT2?
Tombo [12:53pm]: hahaha
Flyonthewall [12:53pm]: lol.. Johns revenge..
samwright8380 [12:53pm]: by pixar...
mysterygo [12:53pm]: lol
LostCalls [12:53pm]: oh!
Flyonthewall [12:53pm]: LIT 2 eh? hmmm
Tombo [12:53pm]: don't think you could...
ForRelaxingTimes [12:54pm]: It will never happen lol
LostCalls [12:54pm]: kaze wo atsumete
mysterygo [12:54pm]: i hope it never happens
LostCalls [12:54pm]: (before sunrise/before sunset)
Pitman [12:54pm]: it's such a nice day here...i really should get out..
Pitman [12:54pm]: only 5 pm here
LostCalls [12:54pm]: it's nice here in ny to
LostCalls [12:54pm]: too
ForRelaxingTimes [12:54pm]: is it me or does the track Ikebana give you the heebie jeebies
Flyonthewall [12:54pm]: lol. its almost 2 pm here
samwright8380 [12:54pm]: 10 pm here....
Pitman [12:54pm]: it's u! lol
Tombo [12:54pm]: i like it!
ForRelaxingTimes [12:54pm]: almost 5 pm here
mysterygo [12:55pm]: i'm back on the main menu with girls playing
Pitman [12:55pm]: i'm not there yet
Tombo [12:55pm]: 5 to 10 for us brits
Pitman [12:55pm]: waiting for the waving girl
Flyonthewall [12:55pm]: Im going to play hockey in about 2 hours.. lol
Tombo [12:55pm]: oh yeah...the wave!
samwright8380 [12:55pm]: here she comes...
ForRelaxingTimes [12:55pm]: going to see good luck chuck here pretty soon
LostCalls [12:55pm]: bye
Flyonthewall [12:56pm]: bye
Pitman [12:56pm]: she's cute
drabthehours [12:56pm]: Hey, thanks for coming everyone.
LostCalls [12:56pm]: i'm going to read...for my classes
Pitman [12:56pm]: byeeee
LostCalls [12:56pm]: this was really nice
drabthehours [12:56pm]: If nothing else we'll do this again next year
Pitman [12:56pm]: that was fun
samwright8380 [12:56pm]: yeah
LostCalls [12:56pm]: certainly
ForRelaxingTimes [12:56pm]: yep, it's been fun everyone!
mysterygo [12:56pm]: great evening, thanks!
Pitman [12:56pm]: sounds like a plan
Flyonthewall [12:56pm]: thanks guys.. I needed this
Tombo [12:56pm]: bye guys-had a great time-feel i know y'all a bit better!
LostCalls [12:56pm]: i...don't want to leave
Flyonthewall [12:56pm]: renews my faith in human nature
ForRelaxingTimes [12:56pm]: take care guys!
drabthehours [12:57pm]: But if Bob leaves the chat open we can do another whenever.
samwright8380 [12:57pm]: hopefully this forum will be here for a few years yet...
Pitman [12:57pm]: take care guys!!
LostCalls [12:57pm]: you too
drabthehours [12:57pm]: Take care Smile
Tombo [12:57pm]: bye!
Pitman [12:57pm]: yes, nice place to hang out
Pitman [12:57pm]: bye
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#25 Post by LostCalls » Sun Sep 23, 2007 5:01 pm


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#26 Post by Pitman » Mon Sep 24, 2007 8:20 am

That was fun. It went by so quickly. Just can't hold onto the moment.

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#27 Post by Bob_san » Tue Sep 25, 2007 12:25 am

I'm glad to see and read that it was fun and went great! Maybe a weekly or biweekly chat time could be established so that those who can't sleep have some LIT people to chat with! Like maybe Fri, Sat, Sun night around midnight. I could create a seperate post for it. . .

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#28 Post by Pitman » Tue Sep 25, 2007 8:49 am

That's a good idea Bob.

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#29 Post by Just Like Honey... » Wed Sep 26, 2007 10:32 pm

That would be cool. I'm in Atlantic Standard time, and work at night, and I'm always looking for something to do with I come in to work.
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#30 Post by Tombo » Thu Sep 27, 2007 2:17 pm

I sometimes get in very late on saturday nights/sunday mornings,so sounds good to me. :D
I can't vouch for my sobriety though. :shock:

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#31 Post by mysterygo » Fri Oct 05, 2007 1:55 pm

It was a good night. Even though I wasn't in the right frame of mind to watch it to start with, the music and some alcohol soon changed that. If another time/date is arranged then I'll be there! :)