Five year Anniv Simul-view! - Sept. 21 - see post for times

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#21 Post by preciouswhile » Sun Sep 21, 2008 5:02 pm

Thanks to those that showed up, sorry that more of you couldn't make it. Hopefully it won't be a whole year before the next one, but if not I hope to see you all at the 6 year anniversary view :D


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drabthehours [10:58am]: hello
chris [10:58am]: hey
chris [10:58am]: sup?
hannidan [10:59am]: Hello, this is my first simu-view, do we all start the film on the hour?
chris [10:59am]: no
drabthehours [10:59am]: well, we'll wait a bit to see if any stragglers come in
chris [10:59am]: lets wait a sec for some other ppl
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chris [11:00am]: hello sam
samwright8380 [11:00am]: hi guys
hannidan [11:00am]: sounds good to me
drabthehours [11:00am]: hey sam
hannidan [11:01am]: while we have a moment, does anyone know the room numbers of Bob's and Charlotte's rooms at the Hyatt?
chris [11:02am]: no, why?
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chris [11:02am]: Are you staying at hyatt?
samwright8380 [11:02am]: i've never looked....
hannidan [11:03am]: Thought it would be neat to stay in one if I ever blow the money an go.
drabthehours [11:04am]: you can look to see if they show room numbers in the hallway scenes
drabthehours [11:04am]: or maybe on Bob's door when Charlotte knocks on it after the lounge singer affair
hannidan [11:05am]: The CEO of Sun Microsystems once mentioned (in an article) that he stayed in Bob's room.
drabthehours [11:06am]: we'll give it til 15 after then start...anyone that shows up late can catch up.
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chris [11:07am]: ok
samwright8380 [11:07am]: dvd drive is being funny...i might need to rip the dvd
hannidan [11:07am]: Bye the way, thanks for starting this simu-view drabthehours.
drabthehours [11:08am]: Well I'm just continuing it really.
drabthehours [11:08am]: It occured to me that this would be better at like 3am
drabthehours [11:08am]: But I think even less people would show up Razz
chris [11:08am]: its 9 pm here ;]
drabthehours [11:09am]: at least it's dark for you guys then.
drabthehours [11:09am]: Poland?
chris [11:09am]: yep
hannidan [11:09am]: I honestly seem to "feel" the movie better at odd hours or when I'm tired.
drabthehours [11:09am]: Been there a few times. I liked it.
chris [11:09am]: yeah, i have never tried at dawn, lol
drabthehours [11:10am]: I have a friend who lives in Kielce.
chris [11:10am]: thats nice Smile
drabthehours [11:13am]: You ready to go Sam?
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samwright8380 [11:14am]: chats being a bit funny all start without me, i'll work on putting my pics from my latest trip up on the forum
drabthehours [11:15am]: alright
drabthehours [11:16am]: you other two ready?
drabthehours [11:16am]: chris, hannidan?
hannidan [11:16am]: Yes
chris [11:16am]: yes, anytime
drabthehours [11:16am]: so hit play from the title menu...
drabthehours [11:16am]: ...
drabthehours [11:16am]: now Smile
drabthehours [11:17am]: thanks for coming, been a few months since I watched this.
hannidan [11:17am]: I've held off watching for a couple of weeks, just for this.
chris [11:19am]: arrive at, same time on you?
drabthehours [11:19am]: I'm a little behind, but I accidentally paused it
hannidan [11:20am]: You about one second ahead of me
drabthehours [11:20am]: I recognize the PA from Narira...hopefully someday I'll actually leave the airport.
drabthehours [11:20am]: Narita^
hannidan [11:21am]: Linda make herself felt early on.
drabthehours [11:21am]: Was it implied that they lived in LA?
drabthehours [11:21am]: Bob and Lydia?
drabthehours [11:22am]: The thought of Bob Murray as an action star is funny in itself.
drabthehours [11:22am]: ... I mean, Bill Murray heh
hannidan [11:23am]: Surviving some of the SNL skits probably qualifies
hannidan [11:26am]: Have you guys noticed that some of the morning shots (out the window) are actually sunset shots?
drabthehours [11:26am]: There's a error later when you see that same family come out of the elevator
drabthehours [11:26am]: I don't know which way is west from their windows.
drabthehours [11:26am]: so I never noticed
hannidan [11:27am]: Charlotte's room faces east.
drabthehours [11:28am]: suntory time..ok..ok..ok?
hannidan [11:28am]: I think the director needs a chill pill.
drabthehours [11:30am]: I wonder if they allow filming all the time of those ceremonies or if they had to get special permission
drabthehours [11:30am]: Or if they did it on the sly like the Shibuya crossing scenes.
drabthehours [11:33am]: Was Charlotte stubbing her toe in the screenplay or did they pencil it in after she did it?
hannidan [11:34am]: I don't know but it does impact the flow of the film latter on
hannidan [11:34am]: Ah, my favorite scene
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samwright8380 [11:36am]: sorry guys, chats being a pain and i'm not getting my dvd to work properly....i'll have some photos up in a bit though...
drabthehours [11:36am]: I'd like to have breakfast at that table please.
drabthehours [11:36am]: ok sam, thanks for coming all the same.
drabthehours [11:36am]: there's that family coming out of the elevator.
drabthehours [11:38am]: put your hand close your face
chris [11:38am]: where the hell is whiskey?
drabthehours [11:39am]: if you listen carefully you can hear the crew laughing in the background at his improv
chris [11:44am]: have you tried to watch it with headphones?
hannidan [11:45am]: The interactions in this scene are terrific.
drabthehours [11:45am]: watching it with headphones right now.
chris [11:45am]: it would be a different movie i think
chris [11:45am]: i need to buy some for me ;/
drabthehours [11:45am]: The sound in the movie is amazing, and only better when you can hear all the background stuff going on
drabthehours [11:46am]: I kinda want one of those movie posters...
drabthehours [11:47am]: I love this song, Ikebana
chris [11:48am]: it's at flowerist scene, right?
drabthehours [11:48am]: right
drabthehours [11:50am]: Is her lighter a ladybug?
drabthehours [11:50am]: it looks weird
chris [11:50am]: yeah, red-something
chris [11:51am]: never noticed
drabthehours [11:51am]: kampai
drabthehours [11:53am]: I miss arcades.
drabthehours [11:53am]: Hard to find these days.
chris [11:54am]: this guy is awesome, i mean hitting arcade
chris [11:54am]: or however its called
drabthehours [11:55am]: it sounds hella large on the track
drabthehours [11:55am]: haha
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chris [11:58am]: I wonder if it was first kiss scene for Scarlett
drabthehours [11:58am]: I don't think so...wasn't girl with a pearl earring before this?
chris [11:59am]: i'm not sure
chris [11:59am]: she kissed the painter in that movie?
drabthehours [11:59am]: I can't remember
drabthehours [11:59am]: But she had a sex scene
drabthehours [11:59am]: With some other guy
chris [12:00pm]: chemical brothers music now ;]
drabthehours [12:00pm]: I'm not sure that turning the shirt inside out makes it better...
chris [12:03pm]: he doesn't even put his coat off
drabthehours [12:03pm]: I wonder if a BB gun in a bar is a normal occurence or if they staged it
drabthehours [12:04pm]: in the US it'd be a lawsuit waiting to happen
chris [12:04pm]: it's air soft?
drabthehours [12:05pm]: Not sure.
drabthehours [12:05pm]: Someone posted a link on the boards to what they thought it was...
drabthehours [12:08pm]: There are my favorite 3 scenes
chris [12:08pm]: the look in her eyes is priceless
drabthehours [12:08pm]: More Than This, taxi ride home, and putting her to bed
drabthehours [12:09pm]: yeah it's great
drabthehours [12:10pm]: turning the volume up
chris [12:10pm]: its my bloody valentine, isnt it?
drabthehours [12:10pm]: yes
drabthehours [12:11pm]: with headphone you can hear just how long they keep playing the song
drabthehours [12:11pm]: I never get tired of hearing it fade into the background like that
drabthehours [12:12pm]: guess we lost hannidan?
chris [12:12pm]: i believe it goes through the corrider, up to her room?
chris [12:12pm]: corridor
drabthehours [12:12pm]: it's still playing when he covers her up
chris [12:12pm]: yeah
chris [12:12pm]: damn, i must hear that
drabthehours [12:13pm]: I like how the carpet samples are still all over the floor
drabthehours [12:15pm]: This was probably a good portion of their budget right here, just getting a tee time on a japanese golf course
chris [12:15pm]: So is that hill in the background real?
drabthehours [12:15pm]: Yeah, that's Mount Fuji
drabthehours [12:16pm]: The same one you see when Charlotte is on the train later
chris [12:16pm]: looks fantastic
drabthehours [12:17pm]: brack to
chris [12:18pm]: i wonder what hi means in japanease
drabthehours [12:18pm]: hai?
drabthehours [12:18pm]: It means yes.
chris [12:18pm]: something like yes/
chris [12:18pm]: hai
drabthehours [12:21pm]: heh, a dance class
chris [12:22pm]: heh, this short scene made it 16+?
drabthehours [12:23pm]: must have
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drabthehours [12:26pm]: i stared to watch la dolce vita
drabthehours [12:26pm]: but it's like 3 hours long and I never got around to finishing it
chris [12:27pm]: it's hard to find it, isn it?
drabthehours [12:27pm]: yeah, I eventually just got it online
chris [12:27pm]: i mean the movie
System Msg: ForRelaxingTimes has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 21, 2008 12:27 pm
drabthehours [12:28pm]: hello
ForRelaxingTimes [12:28pm]: hey guys
ForRelaxingTimes [12:28pm]: Bah I'm late -_-
drabthehours [12:28pm]: we're at the bed scene
chris [12:28pm]: hey
drabthehours [12:28pm]: 1:11 or so
ForRelaxingTimes [12:29pm]: k going there now
drabthehours [12:30pm]: you're not hopeless
chris [12:30pm]: yeah
chris [12:30pm]: great sentence
ForRelaxingTimes [12:31pm]: kyoto sequence now?
samwright8380 [12:31pm]: i guess you're at the kyoto scene favourite
drabthehours [12:31pm]: yes
ForRelaxingTimes [12:31pm]: Yeah, I think its my favorite track on the OST.
chris [12:31pm]: yes kyoto
chris [12:31pm]: with great Air music
ForRelaxingTimes [12:32pm]: school girls!
ForRelaxingTimes [12:32pm]: haha
drabthehours [12:32pm]: have you been to that temple sam?
ForRelaxingTimes [12:33pm]: Such a peaceful place.
System Msg: samwright8380 has joined LostInChat on Sun Sep 21, 2008 12:34 pm
samwright8380 [12:34pm]: yeah, ive been to all of the spots in kyoto...its every bit as good as it looks there
ForRelaxingTimes [12:35pm]: I bet it's very tranquil. Can probably clear your mind.
ForRelaxingTimes [12:35pm]: in a place like that.
ForRelaxingTimes [12:36pm]: "He wants to show you his dance."
drabthehours [12:38pm]: they did a good job of making that a really painful conversation
drabthehours [12:39pm]: it hurts me
ForRelaxingTimes [12:40pm]: Ah the Sausilito singer.
chris [12:40pm]: I guess your busy, huh? :p
ForRelaxingTimes [12:42pm]: "Wasn't there anyone else there to lavish you with attention?"
drabthehours [12:43pm]: ow that look
ForRelaxingTimes [12:43pm]: Love that line.
drabthehours [12:44pm]: yay the woohoo guy
ForRelaxingTimes [12:44pm]: Bill is a genius of dry humor
ForRelaxingTimes [12:45pm]: Mark Willms?
ForRelaxingTimes [12:45pm]: lol
ForRelaxingTimes [12:45pm]: I wish he would have recorded that song.
drabthehours [12:49pm]: the first time I saw this I was thinking "Oh. Here's the typical romantic comedy chase scene"
ForRelaxingTimes [12:49pm]: I remember the first time in theaters when I saw Bob and Charlotte parting in the lobby and said to myself ..."No it can't end just can't"
ForRelaxingTimes [12:49pm]: hehe
drabthehours [12:50pm]: I always turn the volume down for the whipser though
ForRelaxingTimes [12:52pm]: Sophia picked the perfect music for each scene
chris [12:53pm]: This is it, movie ends
chris [12:53pm]: just like honey fits the departure very well
drabthehours [12:53pm]: from the fade in the fade out, so fantastic
ForRelaxingTimes [12:53pm]: Absolutely
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drabthehours [12:56pm]: well thanks for coming everyone. Fun as always
ForRelaxingTimes [12:56pm]: Yeah, wish I hadn't missed most of it
chris [12:56pm]: Nice watching with you guys, there were more people last year anyway..
ForRelaxingTimes [12:56pm]: Yeah
ForRelaxingTimes [12:56pm]: There's always next time.
hannidan [12:56pm]: take care
drabthehours [12:57pm]: yep, if nothing else I hope to see you next year
ForRelaxingTimes [12:57pm]: Hopefully, take it easy my fellow LITers

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#22 Post by Bob_san » Mon Sep 29, 2008 12:45 am

Thanks for posting the transcript.

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#23 Post by samwright8380 » Thu Oct 02, 2008 8:01 pm

yeah, thanks for posting! sorry i couldn't be a bit more involved, my computer kept playing up- dvd player was highly temperamental and it logging me out of chat :?

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