Bob's awkward behaviour during the first meetings

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Bob's awkward behaviour during the first meetings

#1 Post by Marko » Fri Nov 20, 2009 6:10 pm

Hello and greetings from Finland, the true land of the Santa Claus ;) Or, if you're really hard to negotiate with, perhaps the land of Jack Skelllington? Since, if you didn't know, we've ripped Halloween as well! Well actually it would seem to be be solely for commercial reasons. Us being a small economy and all. And finally, apologies for grammatical and spelling mistakes. Grammatical rules between Finnish and English differ of course and I do not wish to intentionally offend anyone. It's just that I'm going with what sounds correct :D

I actually wrote a (somewhat) well thought out post but seem to have deleted it since. I wasn't aware of Bob_san's situation so I actually thought the site was dying. Imagine that! Perhaps I should spend the hellish Finnish winter without LIT for punishment? A couple of the questions have actually remained unanswered so I thought about asking them now that Bob_san has kindly granted me with membership. I've actually went through quite a few pages of old posts so I hope you understand that I do not intentionally ask questions that have perhaps been answered before elsewhere. In case I do, please feel free to post links to relevant posts!

Firstly, I was troubled with Bob's behaviour at the bar after the photo shoot. This is is the scene where Bob is facing Charlotte and they're both looking at the red haired singer (though it seems they've been flirting with each other for a while). Bob amuses Charlotte by, instead of clapping his hands, making a gesture of snapping his fingers. Charlotte clearly picks up on his sense of humour by sending him some nuts. What I don't understand is why Bob then chooses to leave! Clearly, he finds her attractive, both physically and in personality. Anyone of us must be familiar with his, very human, ever-present loneliness and how it feels at such moments to be able to just look at something... well, beautiful. She's to be admired, appreciated. Yet, he chooses to walk away and go to the gym?

Something else that I didn't quite understand is when Bob's again in the bar, this time drowning in his self-pity. When Charlotte walks in and they begin a conversation he just dumps all of his pent-up emotions on her. He seems very bitter. I sort of get his honesty in expressing the ironic situation he's in. Earning millions of dollars for a whiskey promotion, yet remaining so painfully empty inside. It's as if he suddenly intuitively understood and saw that he's playing with monopoly money at a poker table. It just doesn't matter how many zeroes you have in your bills when the currency is all wrong. It's not that he shouldn't be honest, it's just the timing that bothers me. At least if you'd expect for him to be making a decent impression of himself. He should be a gentleman. He looks the part and perhaps even acted the part previously by leaving when he still had something to savour and cherish. Now he just seems off-balanced(?) and even rude when judged by common social standards.

And that's it. I'd be very interested in hearing about anyone's opinions. Am I just horribly wrong or is Bob being a di** for not appropriately appreciating this gorgeous woman? :)

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#2 Post by Tombo » Thu Nov 26, 2009 6:04 pm

...Hi there,interesting post!

always found the nuts scene to be quite funny...middle-aged man gets a bowl of nuts sent to him by an attractive young woman in a bar. They talk,it isn't flirtatous,just friendly.

He leaves,gets into the lift,and catches sight of his middle-aged self in the lift's full-length,what does he do?

Straight to the gym! To try and recapture his youth... :)

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