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OK, let's see if this poll thing works. Do you think there's anything in the idea behind the Star story?

Poll ended at Mon Jul 26, 2004 9:23 pm

No, I think all three get along equally
Yes, I think Bill and Sofia were close (implying nothing)
Yes, I think they didn't get along with Scarlett
No votes
Yes, I think Bill and Sofia had/have a torrid love affair
No votes
Yes, I think Bill and Scarlett had a torrid affair and snub each other to cover up
No votes
How can I know? I wasn't there.
Acually, I know it didn't happen, but I like to picture Sofia and Scarlett going at it, while Bill makes funny comments
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Total votes: 4

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Scarlett Johansson

#1 Post by jm » Sat Jun 26, 2004 9:23 pm

"Perhaps this has been mentioned elsewhere, but an [i:2ae7bc83bd]Elle [/i:2ae7bc83bd]article (here) about Scarlett Johansson has this at the beginning:

[color=darkblue:2ae7bc83bd]Johansson's mom, Melanie, says in a panicky voice so loud that my tape recorder picks it up, "Did you see what's in the Star?"

"No," Johansson says calmly. "What's in the Star?"

"A whole article about how mean Sofia and Bill were to you!"

That would be Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray, the director and costar of Lost in Translation, the movie that last year vaulted the 19-year-old Johansson to A-list, redhot, lt Girl star status. And tabloid fodder.

"Oh, that's terrible," Johansson says. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah," her mother says breathlessly. "And how they froze you out -"

"Oh, how awful," Johansson says, then listens as Melanie reads out quotes from an anonymous "production insider" who said that Murray and Coppola were "ganging up" on Johansson on the set and cruelly excluding her from social get-togethers after the cameras stopped rolling.

"Oh my God!" Johansson cries, finally losing her cool. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah," her mother says.

Then Johansson pretends to slough off the item as typical tabloid fantasy. "Oh, that's very funny," she says to her mother. "Hysterical."

But if Johansson can be blasé about the story, I'm finding it hard to be. Like millions of others, I watched Murray fail to mention Johansson when he won a Golden Globe award. Then Coppola repeated the slight at the Academy Awards. You've got to wonder why they would so pointedly ignore the superb performance of an actress whose contribution was as integral to the ineffable magic of that movie as either of theirs. I assume Johansson must be stung by the omissions. But she doesn't let it show.[/color:2ae7bc83bd]"
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#2 Post by Suntory » Sat Jun 26, 2004 11:34 pm

Maybe this is one of those initiation paying dues things. You know cause Scarlett is so young and all and the others are more experienced. So its like yea they respect and admire her but wont show it outwardly because they want her to continue to prove herself, build a body of work. You know?!

On the other hand maybe its all Hollywood tripe!

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Re: Scarlett Johansson Poll

#3 Post by phillygalinutah » Sun Jun 27, 2004 5:18 pm

I think Sofia and Bill developed a friendship as a result of LIT. As a result of her casting Bill in the Bob Harris role, I believe Hollywood is paying more attention to his underappreciated talents. Wes Anderson saw his abilities too when he cast him in "Rushmore", TRT, and soon to be released TLA.

Bill attended a MOMA benefit in Sofia's honor this spring. Bill trusted Sofia to read his acceptance speech at the BAFTAs.

Now does Bill not like Scarlett Johansson? I don't know really. I saw another Hollywood gossip article (can't remember which now) that Bill confided in Scarlett after the Oscars that he was very hurt by Billy Crystal's comments to him on Oscar night after Sean Penn won. If Bill truly didn't respect or like Scarlett, I don't know why it would be reported showing that Bill does confide in Scarlett too.

As far as those who wonder why Sofia or Bill don't seem to acknowledge Scarlett publicly for her contributions in LIT, perhaps it's because Sofia wrote this movie specifically in mind for Bill Murray. Without Bill's participation, Sofia has already said she wasn't going to make the movie with a different male lead. Not to take away from Scarlett, but Sofia and Bill owe each other a lot for the recognition LIT gave to them.
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#4 Post by jm » Tue Jun 29, 2004 9:54 pm

"Scarlett joins Woody Allen[/size:f7d5159747]

Scarlett Johansson has joined the cast of Woody Allen's latest movie that will shoot in Britain.

The 19-year-old actress is replacing Kate Winslet, who dropped out recently to spend more time with her family, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

http://www.zap2it.com/movies/news/story ... 33,00.html"
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#5 Post by BillsBunnie » Wed Jun 30, 2004 12:15 am

Hello There.. :)
Well....being the HOPELESS ROMANTIC that I am..and the INSATIABLE BILL fan as well, I must admit, I am always biased towards HIS "side" . However, like John gave us the choice of "..not being there.."which is what I agree with. None of us were, but if I may...this is just my humble interpretation...
The legend is that Sofia wanted Bill for her movie. She also wanted Scarlett because she was impressed with her mature acting skills. It's very possible that once the 3 actually met, their professional commintments weren't alike their personal ones. It seems to be forgotten that Scarlett was 17 when this movie was made. Bill has a son older than her. He's not going to befriend a "baby" ( and I mean that in YEARS only ) when he can have an actual adult conversation with someone who has been in the business longer, is more mature and has a Dad that Bill actually portrayed.
I don't think it has anything to do with not liking Scarlett as a person. I
just think she's too young to be SOCIAL with them.
Plus...there will always be gossip..no matter what.
In my opinion, I just think Scarlett is a young woman finding her way in her career and she is just not old enough to do the things adults can.

Then again...if I was Sofia...I wouldn't want ANYONE NEAR BILL either. Even professionally. I think she was just as selfish with his attention as
she could be. She said on the DVD of LIT ...about how it was Christmas that Bill was finally there in Tokyo..and she was looking forward to dressing him up as she wanted to...and even Spike her hubby at the time said it was "every girl's dream..". She got her dream to come true.

Ah well...... someday we may know. Until then, I guess we can just keep guessing and discussing. It's good for the soul anyway.

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Scarlett comma Painting the town

#6 Post by jm » Sat Aug 14, 2004 11:03 pm

"Painting the town Scarlett
(the 55th appearance of this headline in a story about Scarlett)
http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/showbiz/a ... 20Standard"
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#7 Post by jm » Sat Aug 14, 2004 11:06 pm

"[b:7f9b134e83]Scarlett Pursues Jake Gyllenhaal [/b:7f9b134e83]

August 10, 2004 - World Entertainment News Network

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson is looking for love and has reportedly asked to be set up with newly single star Jake Gyllenhaal. The [i:7f9b134e83]Lost In Translation [/i:7f9b134e83]star has met Gyllenhaal a few times, and friends say that the pair are perfectly matched.

Now she has asked her representatives to organize her a date with the actor - who recently ended his long-term relationship with actress Kirsten Dunst.

A pal says, "He's a little younger than her usual type, but they really clicked. They both grew up in dynamic and creative families and Jake has an old head on young shoulders, just like her."

Johansson, who is rumoured to have had a fling with Benicio Del Toro at last year's Oscars, makes no secret of the fact that she is looking for love.

She recently said, [color=red:7f9b134e83]"I'm a girl in the prime of my life and I'd like to celebrate that with someone. The thing is, I'd definitely like to be in a relationship with the right person. That's why I'm looking." [/color:7f9b134e83]

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Something borrowed, something blue

#8 Post by jm » Thu Sep 02, 2004 10:43 pm

""I've been fortunate enough to work with amazing actors, legendary ones. Bill [Murray], John [Travolta], Colin [Firth in Girl with a Pearl Earring] and Dennis Quaid too, recently. I don't know if that's just luck. But maybe I'll get to carry a film with some hot young stud some day."

Here's the story."
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Scarlett turns 20

#9 Post by jm » Fri Nov 19, 2004 2:00 am

Upon Monday, the 22nd, Miss Johansson will be 20 years of age.
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#10 Post by Guest » Fri Nov 19, 2004 2:18 am

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#11 Post by jml98 » Fri Nov 19, 2004 9:33 pm

back to the original topic...i think there may be some truth to it...i have read interviews in which some scarlett's co stars conveiniently have "no comment" or just give a very superficial answer ("scarlett is a great young actress, with loads of talent...blah blah blah) when asked about how it was to work with her on a particular movie...also in the LiT DVD, one thing that struck me was the lack of the amount of dialogue that scarlett had in the "making of" part int he extras; maybe this hints at a little quarrel b/w director and star?...just some thoughts...
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#12 Post by jm » Sat Nov 20, 2004 9:35 am

"[quote:90a464ca16="jml98"]...just some thoughts...[/quote:90a464ca16]

Frankly, they are dusty thoughts, and no one that I've seen has been able to find out anything about it. It would be interesting to know more, but it hasn't happened yet."
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Re: Scarlett turns 20

#13 Post by jm » Mon Nov 22, 2004 10:47 am

"[quote:5985d02dcc="johnmonkey"]Upon Monday, the 22nd, Miss Johansson will be 20 years of age.[/quote:5985d02dcc]

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#14 Post by Just Like Honey... » Sun Nov 28, 2004 2:57 am

bill, scarlett, and sofia all seem like such nice people that it would be almost bothersome to find out about some kind of quarrel between them...
even before i heard the rumor, i was instantly surprised that scarlett really didnt give any commentary at all in the bonus features part of the dvd. i was really looking forward to an interview with her, or even some kind of comments..
in any case, if something did go wrong, they sure did a good job of covering it up. but then again, when you really think about it, if it was something big enough to actually affect her appearance on the dvd, and bill and sofia's leaving her out of their acceptance speeches, you'd think someone would have gone public with it by now. i think i agree with you billsbunnie, that nothing really did go wrong, its just the generation gap, although i don't think sofia is nearly as old as bill.. just a lot of experience i guess...
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#15 Post by Guest10 » Sun Dec 19, 2004 4:39 pm

when you watch this kind of movie, you want the actors to be like the characters in real life, simple, smart,down to earth, nice. However some actors are just self-centered A-holes ( not implying anyone in this movie )

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#16 Post by jml2 » Fri Jan 14, 2005 6:09 am

I found this today while reading about little miss Scarlett. I'm sure that thing about Bill and Sofia disliking Scarlett is nonsense. A lot of the other wild rumours about Scarlett were also denied (and scoffed at) by her in various interviews.
Hollywood actress SCARLETT JOHANSSON loved making LOST IN TRANSLATION with
SOFIA COPPOLA - because they did lots of female bonding.

Scarlett, 19, spent much of her time on the Japanese set getting friendly with the shy director, and
soon discovered her pal had a loud side too.

She says, "Sofia's a creature of comfort, and when she's comfortable she can be very outgoing
and funny. When she doesn't know somebody she's very shy.

"So with me eventually she was comfortable because we were working together and we had to
be. And we had a nice, girlie friendship."
Source http://www.contactmusic.com/new/xmlfeed ... %20shyness

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#17 Post by A moment of silence » Mon Oct 10, 2005 10:03 pm

I was very surprised that Scarlett did not have a say in the extras of the film either. This was maybe because Bill was the one who was considered the main protagonist. Still, I thought she was sort of allienated from the cameras during this film. Maybe she had other projects while doing thsi and was very busy with them and could nto do most things about LIT. Actually there was an interview, a couple, about LIT where she was talking about the movie. She did not seem sad or anything but very happy. Maybe there was not the best of chemistry between Sophia and Scarlett or Bill and Scarlett but I do not think they had a problem(personal). This is all gossip, people want to sell magazines and fake stories. These people are too educated and I think they know better than that...
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#18 Post by jm » Mon Oct 10, 2005 10:10 pm

"[quote:67044ecc03="A moment of silence"]I was very surprised that Scarlett did not have a say in the extras of the film either. This was maybe because Bill was the one who was considered the main protagonist.[/quote:67044ecc03]
Bill doesn't really do extras, that I've noticed. He's absent from the [u:67044ecc03]Groundhog Day[/u:67044ecc03] DVD, for example."
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#19 Post by Congruous » Tue Oct 11, 2005 2:57 pm

I'm sure we didn't see all of the film shot for the "documentary" extra on the DVD. There is probably a lot more. Now, whether it is worth watching is something we may never know, but there is the possibilty that since the movie was so popular, another DVD may be issued with more "documentary" footage.

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