Eyes Wide Shut-impressions and themes

Discuss what movies Bill, Scarlett, and Sofia, the producers or musicians are working on or in now as well as film influences for LIT etc.

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Eyes Wide Shut-impressions and themes

#1 Post by Ben-B » Sat Nov 08, 2008 4:47 pm

I love LIT, its on my fav list along with some others incl. Eyes Wide Shot (EWS). My first viewing of EWS was not particularly special. Its layered under allegories and film form so dense you need to return many times before you can begin to digest its complexity.

I would like to know what your impressions of EWS were and if you have any ideas on what the films themes are.

Here's a post by a member on forum.dvdtalk about EWS and LIT.

"it is a movie about relationships and the institution of marriage and one I would say that was done a 100 times better than the Academy Award winning original screenplay of Lost In Translation which to me was about as 'slow and boring' as a movie can get

"it is about the temptations... "
"it is about some truely frightening consequences..."
"it is a deep/rich/layered movie, beautifully photographed, wonderfully scored, with subtle hints and foreshadowing along the way, that gets better with each viewing
it is a work of art by the greatest director in the history of cinema
it is not a movie about orgys"

Please share your ideas. thx 8)

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