Just Watched LIT Again!

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Just Watched LIT Again!

#1 Post by Cryogenic » Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:16 pm

And what a beautiful film it is -- an incomparably gorgeous and gauzy masterpiece.

I didn't actually watch it all the way through just now. I played about two-thirds of it (the latter half) on silent. But that was enough to do it. LIT worked its magic on me all over again. I might have begun to doubt my connection to the film in recent times, but this last viewing rejuvenated my spirit and reminded me of what an atmospheric, stunningly photographed and edited, funny, touching, transcendent, fine, fine, *fine* film this movie really is.

To confess on a slightly deeper level, I actually have a whole bunch of IMDb threads backed up on my computer (and the IMDb message boards have, of course, recently closed), and I was reading back some of the more contentious ones, where LIT fans were being called pretentious and narcissistic; and even accused of suffering from NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). Talk about the lion's den! Yet I'd forgotten how virulent some of those accusations were. Reading them back over, I almost began believing in them myself. I thought I should explore my doubt, and see if it would boil away, on a fresh viewing (albeit, as stated, not quite all the way through, without sound -- I love watching films on silent, especially these days, almost as much as I enjoy them with sound). Well, the doubt boiled away, alright.

I was filled with such a good, warm, happy feeling on this just-finished re-watch that a big wave of nostalgia came over me. I was suddenly seized with a near-erotic awe for the film once more and compelled to check to see if this place -- a place I very much admired "back in the day" -- still existed. Much to my surprise, not only does it still exist, but all the posts appear to be intact and owner Bob_san actually upgraded the boards to the modern phpBB format. Wonderful!

Alas, I see there isn't too much activity at the present time; which is a shame. I also feel bad about never completing my "Chapter By Chapter" analysis of LIT (begun in 2009); but that, I feel, could still be fixed. I could also have chucked this message into an existing thread, but decided to announce my re-found love for LIT separately, since we're now in 2017 and this appears to be the first post to the board for the year. If anyone else wants to exult in the beauty of this singular film, please join me if you're reading this. Let's revel together!

Finally, mad respect to Bob_san, for all his hard work, persistence, patience, diligence, and kindness. I was humbled he gave me the go-ahead to begin discussing the film in that more structured way, based on the DVD chapters, setting aside an entire forum in which to do so, all those years ago (eight years ago already!). And I'm simply overjoyed that this board still exists and that Bob_san still maintains it. I feel within me a hunger to rediscover many old posts, riffle through new ones, and maybe create a few additional ones of my own. And I hope a few people might still possess a similar feeling. Anyway, since this is the first post of the year, even if it already be March...... Happy 2017, all!

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Re: Just Watched LIT Again!

#2 Post by jeffyen » Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:42 am

Cool stuff! I also thought of this forum yesterday when I was in a bookshop and suddenly heard the strains of Just Like Honey piped from the speakers. Did any band/female singer do a cover of that song recently? It's just incredible!

I'll watch LiT again soon. It'll be great if you continue with your chapter analysis!

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Re: Just Watched LIT Again!

#3 Post by TokyoGirl » Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:05 am

The band Keep Shelly in Athens did a cover in 2011/12, maybe that's it?

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Re: Just Watched LIT Again!

#4 Post by tpl89 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:48 am

I re-watched it last night for the first time in four years. I'm still absolutely in love with it.
I've watched hundreds of films since the first time I saw Lost in Translation and nothing else comes close to warm melancholy and beauty of LiT.

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Re: Just Watched LIT Again!

#5 Post by SuperDuper » Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:09 am

I am due for a rewatch as well. I haven't watched it in like 2 years. Just have to find one of these nights to watch it. Can't wait!

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