E. B. White essay

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E. B. White essay

#1 Post by LostCalls » Thu Aug 30, 2007 2:41 am

I mentioned elsewhere on the forum that I'd post an E. B. White essay. Here's a fine example of what I consider to be some great writing.

Dressing Up

One of the male sparrows in Turtle Bay garden made a wonderful discovery at quarter past nine the other morning. He found a small length of blue confetti tied in a bow. The morning was springlike, although a trifle cool, and the combination of blue confetti and blue sky stirred him up. He carried his find to the branch of a large sycamore, where he sat waiting to be photographed. (It really looked as though he had on an outsize Windsor tie.) After a minute or two, he moved on to a willow, then to Dorothy Thompson's gate, then to an ailanthus. Pretty soon the word got around and other sparrows of both sexes showed up, the ladies to admire, the men to jeer. It was fairly obvious that the owner of the blue bow tie was uncertain about his next move. He was undecided about whether to start nest building, using blue confetti bow tie as a sill piece (and face all the involvements and commitments that follow nest building), or whether just to wear the damn thing. He unquestionably was enjoying the fuss, and when the attention of the other birds flagged, he purposely dropped the bow, allowed it to spiral down almost to the fountain, then swooped and recovered it in midair. This drew a round of applause. We watched the act for twenty minutes, at the end of which time the sparrow dropped the bow again and flew away to the neighborhood saloon. It was a wearisome thing to be overdressed in the early morning.

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#2 Post by Pockets » Thu Aug 30, 2007 10:47 pm

Charlotte's Webb and Stuart Little were two of my favorite books growing up.

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