Insomniac Episode: "Sloshed In Translation"

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Insomniac Episode: "Sloshed In Translation"

#1 Post by redleader74 » Wed Feb 09, 2022 2:32 pm

こんにちは みんな様! 

I've previously shared somewhere within these forums what a fan I am of an old early 2000's show called "Insomniac with Dave Attel" hosted by comedian Dave Attell ( ... ave_Attell). Each episode features him visiting a different city at night and exploring all the different late night hot spots, bars, and oddities. A few of the episodes were one-hour international specials including, you guessed it, TOKYO. The episode was called "Sloshed In Translation". For years I've been trying to find this episode (among others) as many were never published on DVD. Recently someone finally posted it on YouTube. I never had a chance to watch it when it originally aired so this was a huge find! Anyway, the original air date of the episode is 08-08-2004, so about a year after LiT was released in theaters here in the U.S. and about two years after LiT was shot. Here's the Youtube link:

I feel like there's definitely an LiT connection, given, they were filmed within a couple of years of each other and both in Tokyo. Plus, love the play on words reference to the LiT name! Hope you enjoy!
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